Some Questions For Ernst At Her Town Hall Meeting In Muscatine Saturday

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Also, Progress Iowa reports on reactions from Iowans on Ernst and Grassley voting to end pre-existing conditions coverage

In case you missed it, Senator Ernst will be holding a town hall meeting in Muscatine Saturday at:

12:30 PM at the 

Central Middle school

901 Cedar Street 


Here are a few questions I hope someone asks:

  • Why did you vote against a resolution to end pre-exiting conditions after you have openly said you favor covering pre-existing conditions?
  • Is “calling for firing the head of the EPA” the strongest response you can muster to fight the president’s allowing of oil companies to no longer blend ethanol into the gas?
  • As a potential juror in an impeachment trial, isn’t voting for a resolution condemning the House impeachment inquiry open you to charges of prejudice in this case?
  • Are you doing anything of substance to bring an end to the tariff war with China that was started by Mr. Trump? In the name of open government please tell us what it is you are doing?
  • Is it okay for the President to withhold military aid in exchange for interference in our 2020 elections?

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Progress Iowa checks in with reactions of Iowans to potentially losing pre-existing coverage based on votes by Ernst and Grassley:

Iowans Hold Ernst, Grassley Accountable for Pre-Existing Conditions Vote

Ernst and Grassley’s Vote Will Harm Iowans With Pre-Existing Conditions

Iowans speak out, delivering petition signatures in support of protecting nearly 1.3 million in the state to the offices of Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst in Waterloo, Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids Thursday.

After the Senate held a vote on the Protect Pre-Existing Conditions Resolution, Iowans rallied together on Thursday to condemn Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley for voting ‘no’ and failing to protect the health care of Iowans with pre-existing conditions. Events were held outside the Senator’s offices in Des Moines, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids on Thursday, and constituents delivered hundreds of signatures on a petition condemning the vote.

The resolution that Ernst and Grassley voted against would curb the Trump administration’s health care sabotage and block the expansion of junk health insurance plans, which discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions and leave patients paying more for care. Ernst and Grassley say they care about protecting the 1,288,400 Iowans with pre-existing conditions, but this vote show they are putting a partisan political agenda ahead of their constituents.

A number of Iowa leaders released statements in support of protecting pre-existing conditions:

Jennifer Konfrst, Iowa State Representative, representing Clive and Windsor Heights:

“In my conversations with Iowans, health care is always a key concern. Iowans deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing pre-existing conditions will be covered if they change plans, and junk plans are no good for Iowans. We should fight to expand coverage, not allow plans like this to come in and make things worse.” 

Claire Celsi, Iowa State Senator representing Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Cumming:

“Iowans are scrambling to find health insurance that they can afford so in their desperate scramble, they will try anything. The junk policies being sold in Iowa are creating confusion and ultimately higher medical costs for families. When a healthcare crisis occurs, they find out how worthless these plans really are. We must protect Iowa consumers from products that are not real health insurance.”

Chris Schwartz, Black Hawk County Supervisor, State Director of Americans for Democratic Action Iowa:

“These junk insurance plans have no place in America, as progressives have an honest debate about how to improve health care by either adding a public option or moving to Medicare for all, Ernst and Grassley seem hellbent on punishing our family, friends, and neighbors who have preexisting conditions. The thing is there are over 1.3 million Iowans with preexisting conditions and come next November we won’t forget Ernst and Grassley’s constant attacks on our health, safety and well being.”

Dan Royer, Executive Director of One Iowa Action: 

“LGBTQ people are more likely than the general public to have pre-existing conditions due to health care access barriers. By voting against these crucial protections, Senators Ernst and Grassley have endangered the lives of nearly 1.3 million Iowans, a disproporationate number of whom are LGBTQ. We urge LGBTQ Iowans and allies to contact the senators and hold them accountable for this irresponsible vote.”

Emily Holley, Executive Director of Iowa Voices:

“Senators Ernst and Grassley had the opportunity yesterday to stand up for Iowans with preexisting conditions, and they failed. We’re here today to amplify the voices of the nearly 1.3 million Iowans, including myself, with preexisting conditions. We need health care that meets our needs, and we need our leaders to fight for us.”

In addition, Iowans told their own stories about the need for health care protections after signing the petition promoted by Iowa Voices, Americans for Democratic Action Iowa, AFSCME Council 61, Indivisible Iowa, Iowa Federation of Labor – AFL-CIO, Iowa State Education Association, One Iowa Action, Protect Our Care Iowa, and Progress Iowa.

Here are just of the few of the stories shared by Iowans:

Zeb from Urbandale:

“My brother has had type 1 diabetes since he was a child. Without protection against pre-existing condition denial, he would be either bankrupt or dead. These protections save lives.”

Renee from Iowa City:

“I have multiple sclerosis and my son has Autism. We have very expensive pre-existing conditions! Thanks to the ACA for making it possible for us to get health insurance!”

Jim from Greenfield:

“I am a diabetic, with high blood pressure, and am legally blind in one eye. If insurance companies are no longer mandated to cover pre-existing conditions, how am I supposed to get access to health care? This decision hurts many many, Iowans, and we will remember this at the ballot box.”

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  1. Rick Hale says:

    Ernst voted for the Ag bill that gave billions to the top 42% of farmers. No money for the little guy. It was so blatant even Grassley couldn’t vote for it.


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