Gillibrand: Will Brave Win?

NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo will host the first 2020 presidential primary debate this week, starting tonight. This is the seventeenth in a series of BFIA’s coverage and commentary of the announcement speeches by the declared Democratic candidates for president for 2020 in no particular order.  To view the previous candidate announcement posts type the candidate’s name in the search box on this page.

Gillibrand announced her intentions to run for president in three venues – on Colbert, in this video, and at a rally in front of Trump tower, video below.

The theme is bravery. Here are some rhetorical highlights:

“We need to remember what it feels like to be brave.”

When she turns to policy she mentions health care, gun violence, green new deal, money out of politics and take back democracy.

She reminds us that she voted against the Wall St. bail out, and took on the Pentagon to end sexual assault in the military.

“President Trump is tearing apart the moral fabric of this country.”

“Look up at that tower – a shrine to greed, division, and vanity.”

“Our president is a coward.”

“We deserve a president who is brave, a president who will walk through fire to do what is right.”

Here’s the Trump tower rally speech. C-Span coverage included several speakers. Gillibrand begins at around 52:00 in.

Here’s the Colbert segment.  Interesting, at age 52, she refers to herself as a “young mom.”

Check out her campaign website here

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