Sunday Funday: @#*&%^!(  Time Change Edition

(3 minutes)

Just so I didn’t mislead you about the practice of changing the clock twice a year, I thought I would make the title fairly self-explanatory. 

So good morning and welcome to another 8 months of “daylight” time. This will include a couple of missed appointments, maybe a late arrival at work and some growly, owley days until your body finally gives up and admits defeat to the new time. The reasons given for changing the clocks twice a year have been pretty much debunked, but we go on doing it.

The only good thing I can see is that Dear Leader has one less hour to lie, cheat and steal today. Yet I think he will make up for it somehow. He has standards.

When you listen to the news do you often feel like you are swirling around in ——— well something that resembles a household utility?

Reminder that it is Women’s History month, so there will be a few questions mixed in.

  1. The name Cindy Yang is suddenly all over the news. Who is she?
  1. The US added @ 20,000 jobs in February. Canada with about 10% of our population added how many jobs in February?
  1. Dear Leader promised to greatly decrease – maybe eliminate – our trade deficit. How did figures out this week show he was doing on that promise?
  1. What person was cited by Judge TS Ellis who stated at sentencing “He has lived an otherwise blameless life”?
  1. Another opening at the White House if you are interested. What person hired about 9 months ago found himself pounding pavement Friday morning?
  1. What fourth Trumpublican senator has promised to vote against Dear Leader’s declaration of a national emergency at the Mexican border?
  1. What new member of congress became the first Native American woman to chair the House?
  1. The US House took time to vote on a resolution condemning hate. How did Iowa’s Steve King, often accused of hate speech, vote on this resolution?
  1. What company sent a human capable capsule to the ISS and successfully returned it this week?
  1. What woman wrote the book “Silent Spring” in the 1960s? This book is usually cited as the book that kicked off the environmental movement.
  1. Visiting tornado struck areas of Alabama, Dear Leader didn’t throw paper towel rolls, but instead handed out what?
  1. In Iowa City, Iowa, a church had graffiti sprayed on the outside of their building, including what symbol of hate?
  1. What woman led the “March of the Mill Children” in 1903 to Theadore Roosevelt’s vacation home to highlight the scourge of child labor?
  1. Several Democrats announced last week that they would not run for president including what two former cabinet members of the Obama Administration?
  1. New reports said that Dear Leader illegally tried to get the Justice Department to intervene and stop what merger?
  1. What newly appointed US senator revealed that she was raped by a superior officer while she was in the Air Force?
  1. The Lordstown, Ohio auto plant was shut down by what company Wednesday putting over 1400 out of work?
  1. Doctors announced that a man had been cured of what disease that was once a death sentence for those who had it?
  1. What drug company is contemplating bankruptcy because of all the lawsuits against its star product, OxyContin?
  1. The Iowa Supreme Court Friday ruled that Medicaid funds could be used for what surgery for which it was once banned?



“Except for that negative stuff the media dwells on Ted Bundy lived an otherwise blameless life.”


  1. The owner of the Spa where Robert Kraft was arrested. She is a big Trump donor.
  1. 56,000
  1. It has blown to new record historic deficits at $891 billion
  1. Paul Manafort, a paragon of virtue!
  1. Bill Shine, communications director – wanted to spend more time with his family
  1. Rand Paul
  1. Deb Haaland of New Mexico
  1. Present
  1. SpaceX
  1. Rachel Carson
  1. Autographed copies of the bible
  1. The swastika
  1. Mary Harris “Mother” Jones
  1. Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder
  1. AT&T with Time-Warner
  1. Martha McSally of Arizona (suppose her party will treat her any better than they treated Christine Blakey-Ford?)
  1. GM – shutdown caused by steel tariffs dear Leader imposed.
  1. HIV – he is the second to have this procedure
  1. Perdue Pharmacy
  1. Gender reassignment. This will cause Trumpublicans in Iowa to really push their Judge selection  bill.

Andy Borowitz: 

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Capping a singularly disastrous week for the Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump stormed out of a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s restaurant on Friday after failing to close a six-dollar Meal Deal at the establishment.

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