Joni Spreads The Manure Far, Wide And Deep


this month’s “Make ’em Squeal” 

Joni Ernst is really rolling out the pig manure these days. This month’s version of her running joke that shows how little she knows about what is going on “Make ‘Em Squeal” is a hoot.

Ernst starts out by simply stating that something that is little more than a slogan with some high minded general ideas has a price tag on it already. Not just a price tag but a huge price tag of $93 Trillion. Where did Ernst, a senator who should be dealing with reality, come up with that number? Who the hell knows? She doesn’t say. It seems to be a number that is knocking around right wing circles these days so I guess that makes it true. Trumpublicans just make things up these days and claim it as fact.

Although I must say I was critical that Joni’s piddly little million dollar targets were a joke compared to the way Trumpublicans waste money under this administration – a full border wall will cost upwards of $25 Billion – and that may depend on how much of a kickback that Trump gets. So I will give Ernst credit, $93 Trillion is more than a million. Since Ernst is making up numbers why not make it $500 Trillion?

Funny thing happened the same day as Ernst’s newest joke came out. Newly proclaimed presidential candidate Governor Jay Inslee of Washington made an appearance on “The View.” One of Inslee’s major creds is his work in the environmental field. As the saying goes, it is Inslee’s thing.

So View conservative in residence, Meghan McCain, decided she would really nail Gov. Inslee with that $93 Trillion, by golly. What follows is  – well watch for yourself: (8 minutes)

Odd that climate change, which if left unabated will be totally catastrophic, is not in McCain’s “top 30” of issues. And it is imminent. We have already passed many tipping points, meaning damage has been done that can’t be undone. McCain’s arguments are the same manure that Ernst is spreading.

Once again, Ernst these days seems to see her job as spreading Trumpublican talking points without question and without any back up data. She throws out bogus numbers on something that really doesn’t even exist. But then Ernst’s job these days is too spread fear so voters will vote against their best interests.

The Green New Deal, whatever form it takes, will be much more in our interests than letting the one place we have to live in the universe to simply rot. Plus there will be huge economic opportunities created by trying to fix this huge planetary problem. Do we want to lead the effort and have the lead input into what shape it takes or do we want to sit back, let China, Europe and others lead the way and we buy their technology. 

Whatever the bill, it will be an investment, not a cost. Remember other such projects such as the rural electrification, the interstate highway system, space exploration and the moon landing and the internet? They weren’t costs, they were investments that paid back many, many times over. I believe the interstates and the internet were birthed under Republicans.

But then, Ernst is a Trumpublican which is dependent on selling fear through lies and misinformation. Restoring the only place in the universe where we exist is necessary and a great economic opportunity that Ernst is trying to talk us out of. There is no “Planet B.” 

Ernst does state this in her little missive:

“Now, don’t get me wrong. Increasing our reliance on renewables is a good goal, and one I support, but we have to be realistic about our current energy capabilities and needs.”

Sorry, Joni, but our current effort is woefully short. And we shouldn’t be looking at today’s energy needs. We need to look out decades and envision our needs in many areas including energy, food, land management and many other areas. We need to shoot for these goals using methods that allow use to live and thrive on the only planet we have.

It is way past time for short-sighted people like Joni Ernst to be put out in the pasture by Iowans who understand that the status quo or small improvements are woefully inadequate. We need visionary leaders not peddlers of fear who answer to America’s moneyed interests.

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