Ernst Divorce Records Raise Some Questions


Having read some articles on the divorce of Senator Ernst, I am left scratching my head. Surely many among us are scratching our noggins about one particular aspect of the divorce.

Senator Ernst in the petition stated that she was physically abused by her former husband. She describes herself as a survivor.

However, when the time came to vote for Brett Kavanaugh who was credibly accused of an attempted rape, Ernst ignored that and voted to approve Kavanaugh. That surely belies her claim of being a supporter of survivors of abuse. When she had a chance to strike a major blow for survivors of abuse and vote against Kavanaugh, she failed all survivors miserably.

Of course that was a big singular failure. Every day Ernst has an opportunity to stand up and call out serial abuser Donald Trump. Yet she has never said so much as “boo” against Trump and his legendary abuse of women. Trump’s past was known long before he ran for president. Still she interviewed to be his vice-president. 

There have been a multitude of lawsuits by women against Trump claiming abuse, including some under age. While commenting on specific cases would be going a bit too far, the continued support for a man accused of this kind of abuse surely sends a message that is in direct opposition to “she will continue supporting survivors of abuse.”

In addition her support for the president using federal employees as hostages to get his wall also seems to be in opposition to her supposed support of abuse victims. 

Words are easy to say, Senator. They only really mean something when they are backed up with a consistent approach to such situations no matter who the players are and whether it may cost you some political capital. So far your support seems to rely more on your what is politically expedient for you. 

I hope someday your actions match your rhetoric.

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