Sunday Funday: Air Traffic Controllers To The Rescue Edition

I do not know who gets the credit for bringing Dear Leader’s insane lockout of the country’s nearly one million government workers to an end, but I am willing to give credit to the one-two punch at the airport of the TSA checkers and the Air Traffic Controllers without whom the planes can’t fly. Thank you.

Oh – and of course Nancy Pelosi who proved that it is possible to say “NO” to Dear Leader and stick to it.

While I will admit we don’t know right now what broke the Asshole’s back, we certainly know who to blame this gawd-awful mess on. Dear Leader is 90% of the blame. He appears to believe that his job is to swagger around, make stupid comments and order us lesser humans to do his bidding. Don’t work that way in a democracy, Mr. Dear Leader Dude.

Also a big chunk of blame goes to a totally compliant Republican Party that fully two years into the Dear Leader term continues to do their job. What are we paying them for, anyway. Can’t wait until Joni (Shutdown) Ernst comes around asking for my vote. I have a few questions in return – like where in the hell were you when we needed someone to stand up for what is right? You sure won’t doing your job.

I could go on for pages, but you are eager to answer some questions, aren’t you?

  1. Roger Stone was indicted in the Russian sabotage case Friday. What famous identifying mark does Roger Stone have on his back?  
  1. A group of catholic school boys were all over the news last weekend. What city and state were they from?
  1. While American government workers were worrying about their next paycheck, billionaires were meeting at what resort city in Europe?
  1. A study from Oxfam International revealed that the 26 richest individuals had as much wealth as how many of the world’s poorest individuals?
  1. Divorce documents for what Iowa politician became public this week as the divorce was finalized?
  1. In the midst of Dear Leader’s lockout what cabinet official stated he couldn’t understand why the locked out employees don’t just get a loan?
  1. Last weekend Dear Leader claimed the border wall was working well in what city 150 miles from the border?
  1. A border security conference was called off last week because of what reason?
  1. What Democrat announced as a candidate for president on the MLK holiday?
  1. Dear Leader and his #2 spent how much time at the MLK memorial on the MLK holiday Monday?
  1. Mitch McConnell is courting what major administration figure to run for senator from Kansas in 2020?
  1. Dear Leader’s strategy of using what group as leverage was undermined when the SCOTUS refused to hear a case concerning that group’s status?
  1. What former administration official made his reality TV debut last week?
  1. US State Department personnel were ordered out of what country as tensions with Dear Leader’s administration rose?
  1. Michael Cohen backed off his voluntary testimony to the House Intelligence Committee due to threats from who?
  1. January 29th is the release date for “Team Of Vipers” is another insider book on what?
  1. CBS has refused an ad for the Super Bowl from a maker of what kind of product?
  1. An anti-vaxxer hotspot is having a medical emergency as highly contagious measles is spreading rapidly near what large western city?
  1. Los Angeles settled their teachers’ strike as teachers in what other large western US city prepared to go on strike?
  1. Dear Leader gave in and announced he would not deliver what speech next week?


“Pelosi, asked how Trump will handle backdown on reopening government without wall money, gestures toward her office decorations: “we could plant these flowers along the border and he’d say, ‘I got my wall.’ “


  1. A full back tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face
  1. Covington, Kentucky 
  1. Davos, Switzerland
  1. 3.8 billion
  1. Joni Ernst
  1. Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce
  1. San Antonio. (Note: it is working well in Des Moines also)
  1. The government lock out.
  1. Kamala Harris
  1. 2 minutes – they must have told the driver to go to Steve King’s house and were surprised to end up at the MLK memorial.
  1. SoS Mike Pompeo. Republicans fear another run by Kris Kobach in Kansas will be a disaster.
  1. The DACA kids
  1. Anthony Scaramucci. Make your own joke
  1. Venezuela
  1. Dear Leader – sounds like witness tampering to me.
  1. The Dear Leader administration
  1. Medical Marijuana
  1. Portland, Oregon
  1. Denver, solo. May start tomorrow
  1. State of the Union

Stephen Colbert


Trump was too scared to give Pelosi a nickname, and then she cancelled his SOTU address. Congratulations to Neuterin’ Nancy!

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