Reminders: Monday, IPERS Press Conference; Saturday, Women’s March

Image (1) progress-iowa.jpg for post 17381As the Iowa legislature gears up for another session with Republicans in total control, common Iowans will be taking action to protect the retirement that they worked so hard for. Republicans have been itching to turn that money over to money managers who could then start raking fees for managing those accounts.

From email:

Des Moines, Iowa — Iowans will speak out at the capitol on the first day of the legislative session to call on Governor Reynolds and the legislature to keep promises made on the campaign trail and respect their retirement. Vital retirement programs have been under serious threat recently, such as the Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System, better known as IPERS. More than 350,000 Iowans would have their economic security threatened if IPERS is changed, and on Monday Iowans will stand up against potential threats to their retirement.

Monday’s press conference will be hosted by the Iowa Coalition for Retirement Security, in partnership with AFSCME Council 61, the Iowa State Education Association, and the Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO. Speakers will encourage Iowans to participate in a day of action on January 23rd, which will include contacting elected officials and sharing facts about retirement security online.



 Everyday Iowans speaking out for retirement security


 Iowa Coalition for Retirement Security Press Conference


 Monday, January 14th, 12:00 PM


 Iowa State Capitol, Room 116, 1007 E Grand Ave, Des Moines


Lance Coles, (515) 262-9571

Jean Hessburg, (515) 314-8799

Mazie Stilwell, (515) 246-1517


Women's March 2019

The second reminder is that the 3rd Annual Women’s March is scheduled for next Saturday in Washington, DC with sister marches in Des Moines and Red Oak, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska.

Someone brought up the concern that the government shutdown may stop the Women’s March. The answer is that it will not! From the FAQ section of the Women’s March homepage:  


They can shut down the government but they can’t shut down the #WomensWave! This is a First Amendment protected activity — shutdown or no shutdown, we are marching.



Omaha Women’s March

January 20, 2019 • 1:00 PM

Downtown Omaha


Omaha, NE 68102

Red Oak, Iowa:

January 19, 2019 • 10:00 AM

Legion Park

101 E Cherry St

Red Oak, IA 51566

Des Moines:

January 19, 2019 • 11:00 AM

Des Moines Capitol

1007 E Grand Ave

Des Moines, IA 50319

Women’s March on Washington

Start: January 19, 2019 • 10:00 AM

12th Street and the National Mall• 12th Street and Jefferson Drive SW, Washington D.C., DC 20001

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