Sunday Funday: House Majority Edition

See my huge smile? I just got what I asked for for Christmas – a House majority headed by Nancy Pelosi. Could not have done it without Dear Leader, though. His ineptitude and stupidity were instrumental. So glad to see Ernst lined right up with Dear leader in 2020.

Well, this was a Christmas many will never forget. The Christmas that Dear Leader took their jobs away.

  1. Things are happening fast in the US House. Friday morning the House voted to be allowed to intervene in a court case involving what law Republicans have been trying to kill for 10 years?
  1. In a strange, rambling talk during a cabinet meeting Dear Leader defended what countries invasion of Afghanistan 30+ years ago?
  1. Rachel Maddow researched the background of the above talk and found it to be a series of talking points put out by whom?
  1. In what seems to be a reversal of normal positions, Iowa’s Gov. Reynolds has called for the sale of what medication without a prescription?
  1. In Toronto, a woman running to escape a rape ran into what kind of business where the assailant was subdued?
  1. During the voting for House Speaker, when Speaker Pelosi’s turn to vote came she was distracted so who spoke up to vote for her?
  1. What new member of the senate took the oath of office on a law book?
  1. Two new members of the US House took their oath of office on what historical book owned by Thomas Jefferson?
  1. In Iowa climate news, were temperatures in December higher or lower than normal?
  1. Paul Whelan is a name suddenly in the news. What did Paul Whelan do to get in the news?
  1. Potential presidential candidate announcements include Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren and what governor of Washington?
  1. So far, what is the date for next year’s Iowa caucuses?
  1. What newly elected senator was scolded openly by his own niece for the senator writing an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal discussing some of Dear Leader’s faults?
  1. The stock market once again took a deep dive Thursday when what company announced it would lower its revenue guidance for the the first quarter of 2019?
  1. Quietly and almost without notice what internet related policy died with the beginning of the New Year Tuesday?
  1. What country landed a probe on the far side of the moon last week?
  1. Musician Daryl Dragon died last week. Mr. Dragon was much better known as half of what musical act that had 7 top ten records in the 1970s?
  1. In arguing for his wall, Dear Leader falsely claimed that who has a 10 foot wall around his house?
  1. On January 1st, the US and Israel dropped out of what UN organization?
  1. Who placed Speaker Pelosi’s name in nomination to be Speaker?
  2. Today is in many countries considered to be the final day of what season?

Chad Pergram


I ask Pelosi as she leaves the Capitol for WH mtg on gov’t shutdown if she will speak to Dem MI Rep Rashida Tlaib about the language Tlaib used when discussing Trump:  Pelosi responds “I’m going to talk the President about his language.”


  1. The ACA or Obamacare
  1. Russia
  1. Vladimir Putin. Seems Russia is now claiming they didn’t invade Afghanistan but rather tried to stop terrorism there.
  1. Birth control pills
  1. A Karate studio. And subdued is a mild word for what happened.
  1. Her grand daughter actually spoke up to vote for Grandma.
  1. Kirsten Sinema. She has no stated religious preference
  1. A Quran owned by Jefferson. Tlaib from Michigan and Omar from Minnesota did so.
  1. Decidedly higher by 5 degrees on average
  1. He is an American arrested in Moscow as a spy. Hmmm.. could be a chance to exchange him for Maria Butina so she can’t testify?
  1. Jay Inslee. 
  1. Feb. 3 2020
  1. Mitt Romney. His niece in national Republican chair Ronna Romney McDaniel
  1. Apple
  1. Net Neutrality
  1. China
  1. The Captain and Tennille. He was the Captain
  1. Barack Obama.
  1. UNESCO (UN Education, Science and Cultural Organization
  1. Hakeem Jeffries of New York

21. Christmas season – or the 12th day of Christmas

John Fugelsang: 

“Mitt Romney, a millionaire-at-birth who supported the Vietnam war but avoided going, who likes to fire people & thinks millionaires have really had it rough, is here to present himself as a GOP alternative to Trump.”

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