Worst Person Of The Year

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What the heck, if Time can name someone as “Person Of The Year” then anyone can name ‘anything of the year’ right? So we will go with a “Worst Person” award.

Upon reading a headline like “Worst Person” most people in the US would almost immediately focus on Donald Trump. Let’s face it folks there aren’t too many folks alive today that can match Trump for vileness. However, while Trump is nearly the very epitome of vileness, he did not get to where he is without a lot of help and a lot of others turning their gaze while Trump did his deeds.

So much like Time’s choice for this and several other years, this award really should be awarded to those who made the Trump presidency possible and who have helped make that presidency the worst ever. So stand up Republican Party and take a bow.

For believing a man who lied through his teeth throughout his campaign and yet voting for him; for claiming the high moral ground and yet voting for a demonstrably amoral or immoral person; for cheering loud and long as he turned the once great USA into a banana state by calling for the imprisonment of those who opposed him; for cheering on his attacks on the free press without which we will soon be the world’s next dictatorship; for all the various ways in the rule of law has been subverted so your minority still holds the levers of power.

Some within the Republican Party deserve special mention for going way beyond the limits of the law and of our cultural norms to enable Trump or the power grabs that leave a minority party actually running the show in many situations:

  • Mitch McConnell for staunching an FBI investigation of Russian sabotage of the 2016 election.
  • Chuck Grassley who as head of the Judiciary Committee refused to do his duty hold hearings to fill an empty Supreme Court seat.
  • Joni Ernst for totally forsaking her “commitment” to sexual abuse against women to vote for Brett Kavanaugh

In the Wisconsin midterm elections, Republicans won just 46 percent of the overall popular vote for the U.S. House, but 63 percent of the seats — 5 out of 8. The weekly Isthmus newspaper based in Madison reports that Democrats won 54 percent of the popular vote for Wisconsin State Assembly but, due to the Republican-friendly map, only 36 percent of the seats.

In the Ohio midterm elections, Republicans won 52 percent of the overall popular vote for the U.S. House, but 75 percent of the seats — 12 out of 16. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Republicans won 50 percent of the popular vote in state House elections, but 63 percent of the seats.

In the North Carolina midterm elections, Republicans won 50 percent of the overall popular vote for the U.S. House, but 77 percent of the seats — 10 out of 13 — though one apparent Republican victory has yet to be certified due to allegations of fraud. The Washington Post reports that North Carolina Democrats won 51 percent of the popular vote in state House elections, but just 45 percent of the seats.

In the Texas midterm elections, Republicans won 50 percent of the overall popular vote for the U.S. House, but 64 percent of the seats — 23 out of 36.

  • So many state where legislatures have worked to destroy unions
  • State and national legislatures that continue to rob from the poor while giving to the rich.
  • State and national legislatures that forego basic government services in order to give those gifts to rich
  • State and national legislatures that have ignored pleas of the populace and their own common sense to allow the absolutely insane scourge of guns to snuff out life at an incredible pace.
  • The national legislature that has turned blind eye to the atrocities committed in our names at the borders as children are kidnapped from their parents and subjected to imprisonment, even death at the hands of enforcers of insane policies.
  • And in Iowa a Governor who has put lives in danger by espousing policies that turn dollars needed for care of the poor and invalid over to “management” companies instead through an absolutely crazy Medicaid scam.
  • Finally a big shout out to every person in Iowa and the country who voted against their own best interests and voted for the very Republicans who are working every day to take away their health care, retirement, jobs and pay. If you are a white male over 60, you should never vote for today’s Republican Party. But you do anyway. 

So here’s to you, Republicans. From the lowliest voter to the current president – you are the Worst Person In The World.

And the world agrees with us.

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  1. Anne Duncan says:

    And there’s also the environment. There are good reasons why, as a group, voters who identify strongly as environmentalists have been measured as the most reliable Democratic voting block. It’s not because Democratic officials are always wonderful on environmental issues, but because most of the time, Republican officials are reliably dreadful.


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