Sunday Funday: Some Christmas Suggestions Edition

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 As the holidays creep very close and you are looking for something meaningful to do with your time or money I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Donate blood. At this time of year blood donations are generally low due to travel or illness, but the need for blood stays steady. If you have never donated or donate on a sporadic basis, consider donating around the holidays. The blood is dearly needed and you will be a lifesaver. In total it may take about an hour or a little more, a short amount of time to do something so important. If you don’t know where to go simply google “Blood donation sites in … “ your area. Pick a site and give them a call.
  1. Send some money to “Toys For Tots.” Most people heard that Toys ‘R’ Us went out of business earlier this year, a victim of future capitalism. Part of the story that few heard was that Toy ’R’ Us was THE major donor to the Marines annual “Toys For Tots” drive. Losing those donations from Toys ‘R’ Us will put a real crimp into Christmas for many poor families. Once again , Google can be a big help here. Just google “toys for tots in …” your area and you can get donation locations or a donation screen where you can donate online.

Well it looks like this week the roller coaster is headed down the hill and my stomach is about to churn.

  1. A young girl from what country died in the custody of the US Border Patrol Thursday?
  1. Last Friday (December 14th) was the 6th anniversary of what horrible event in American history?
  1. Dear Leader: The Jobs President – What major communication company announced it will cut 10,400 jobs by mid 2019?
  1. Which Iowa congress member asked the CEO of Google why his grandchild got a nasty picture of her grandfather (him) on her iPhone?
  1. Who said in a live TV event that he alone would own any government shutdown Tuesday?
  1. Well, who is finally, definitely leaving (or maybe has left) his Oval Office job?
  1. The British PM withstood a no confidence vote in Parliament this week. Who is the current British Prime Minister?
  1. “Black Peter” is a very controversial character who accompanies Santa Claus in what European country?
  1. What Russian spy reached a plea deal and will cooperate with prosecutors in the burgeoning Russian investigation?
  1. $150 million of student loans will be cancelled by the administration despite efforts by what cabinet member to keep the loans on the books?
  1. A terrorist attack at a Christmas market in what European country left 4 people dead early last week?
  1. 44 former what sent an open letter to the US Senate stating that “we are at an inflection point on the Russian investigation” and that the Senate must defend democracy?
  1. James A. Fields was sentenced to life in prison in Charlottesville, Va. for what crime(s)?
  1. Who told Politico that she wants to be remembered as being “transparent and honest” after she leaves her White House post?
  1. Perhaps the most aptly named person in the whole Russian investigation, David Pecker is the editor of what magazine?
  1. What European country’s Prime Minister announced he would seek a 22% raise in. Minimum wages starting in January?
  1. The second man made object left the solar system last week. What was the name of the object?
  1. Federal officials announced last week that what drug replaced heroin as the most dangerous drug in the US?
  1. Who said “It’s a manhood thing with him” when discussing Dear Leader and the border wall?
  1. And another one bites the dust! Who turned down the White House Chief of Staff job Friday?
  1. In a video released Thursday a former staffer from “The Apprentice” claimed Dear Leader used what drug on the set?

John Fugelsang

“If your religion:

-prioritizes power & domination over kindness & love

-makes you feel unworthy & inadequate

-values myths but not reality

-worships male power & subjugates women

-glamorizes suffering

-has really bad music

then just remember – you can get all that with bad porn.”


  1. Guatemala
  1. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School
  1. Verizon
  1. Steve King. The Google CEO replied that the iPhone was a different company.
  1. Dear Leader – he is now trying to blame a looming shutdown on Democrats
  1. Chief of Staff John Kelly
  1. Theresa May
  1. The Netherlands
  1. Maria Buttina
  1. Betsy De Vos
  1. France (Strasbourg)
  1. US senators
  1. Fist degree murder for killing Heather Heyer with his car at the ‘unite the right’ rally in Charlottesville, Va.
  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (quit laughing!)
  1. National Enquirer
  1. Spain
  1. Voyager 2 which was launched in 1977
  1. Fentanyl
  1. Nancy Pelosi
  1. Chris Christie – that makes 3 that have turned it down I think
  1. Adderall

Andy Borowitz

“Trump’s lawyers claimed that the Constitution contains “no provision for removing a person from office when that person was installed there by a foreign power.””

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