Sunday Funday: 100 Years Ago Today Edition


The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Peace came to Europe 100 years ago today. As you read this there are probably some commemorations going on near the graves of those who died in the conflict. World War I (or the Great War as it was known at the time) was one of the costliest in terms of death and destruction at the time. As is often said the war was won, but the peace was lost. Within a couple of decades Europe was once again deep in war. This time it was much worse.

After two such huge conflicts one would like to think that controlling the megalomaniacs who lead their countries into war would be a top priority of every democracy. Yet all around the world we see the type of bellicose and authoritarian personality arising to once again start edging the world’s countries in the wrong direction.

Well, it was a week that offered at least a glimmer of hope. That may be the first one this year:

  1. Unfortunately Iowa gets another black eye on its public face when who was selected as interim Attorney General?
  1. What two Republican congress members who are under indictment for crimes appear to have been re-elected??
  1. What so called “news reporters” appeared with Dear Leader at a partisan event in Cape Girardeau, Missouri Monday?
  1. In some good environmental news the UN announced what atmospheric layer is repairing itself after major damage from aerosols and coolants?
  1. Early Friday morning a federal judge ordered a halt to work on what controversial pipeline?
  1. Steve King barely beat out what Democrat in by far his closest election yet?
  1. Memorabilia from the estate of what astronaut brought $7.5 million last Saturday?
  1. What CNN reporter lost his access to the White House when the White House faked a video showing him touching an intern?
  1. Former Texas congressman Steve Stockman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for what last week?
  1. What three very Republican states overwhelmingly approved medicaid expansion in referenda Tuesday?
  1. The first Native American women ever elected to congress were elected from what states?
  1. The oldest example of figurative rock art – some 40,000 years old – discovered in Borneo depicted what?
  1. The Republican led Wisconsin legislature called for a special session to do what following Tuesday’s elections?
  1. Protests were held in 900 cities around the country including 11 in Iowa to support the work of what?
  1. The first two Muslim women ever elected to congress were elected from what states?
  1. In Florida what group of people had their voting rights restored by an overwhelming vote Tuesday?
  1. What losing gubernatorial candidate was immediately on the short list to be nominated as Attorney General?
  1. What state will be the only state to have a divided legislature next year?
  1. What state (kind of ironically) elected the first gay man as its governor?
  1. What would a week in the US be without a mass shooting? Where did a mass shooting take place last week?


“Well, coverage of the migrant caravan stopped on November 7.

Just like coverage of Weiner’s laptop stopped November 9, 2016.

Just like coverage of Ebola stopped November 5, 2014.

The media’s top story is whatever Republicans say it is. Every. Single. Time.”


  1. Matt Whitaker
  1. Duncan Hunter of California and Chris Collins of New York
  1. Fox “News” “reporters” Sean Hannity and Jeannine Pirro
  1. The ozone layer
  1. The Keystone XL pipeline
  1. JD Scholten
  1. Neil Armstrong
  1. Jim Acosta
  1. Conspiracy to defraud some groups he was working with
  1. Nebraska, Utah and Idaho
  1. Kansas and New Mexico
  1. An animal with a spear stuck in it
  1. Strip the New Democratic governor, Tony Evers, of power
  1. The special counsel investigation headed by Robert Mueller. They were triggered by the firing of Jeff Sessions
  1. Michigan and Minnesota
  1. Convicted felons who have served their time
  1. Kris Kobach of Kansas. He is the initiator of the voter suppression cross check program.
  1. Minnesota – all the legislatures in the country will be controlled by a single party
  1. Colorado. Colorado was the state where the religious right to refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple case arose from.
  1. Thousand Oaks, California.

Well, only 450 days until the 2020 Iowa caucuses, folks. Start preparing.

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3 Responses to Sunday Funday: 100 Years Ago Today Edition

  1. David Hunt says:

    While the generals and politicians wait for the clock to strike eleven o’clock, there were nearly 11,000 additional casualties that November morning.


  2. Anne Duncan says:

    I’d be extremely interested in knowing, even approximately, how many states had divided legislatures thirty years ago, compared to this year’s grand total of one state as reported above.


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