Congratulations Congress Member Loebsack

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Welcome Aboard Congress Member Finkenauer



And Congress Member Axne



Tremendous Try, Mr. Scholten!


As for our old and new members of congress, let me be the millionth to remind you of the little chore in front of you – saving democracy in America. 

You ran because you didn’t like the direction this country was going. That direction is toward authoritarianism and plutocracy. This may not be America’s darkest hours but the light is getting low as the occupant of the White House continues to dim the gas lights a bit more each day.

It will take courage to stand up against the rage that pours from the White House and often on their media outlets. You folks were elected because you can judge what is right and wrong, not because you do what you are told to do.

We will stand behind you through thick and thin. 

Thank you for standing for office and thank you for the task you are about to undertake.

And a special thanks to JD Scholten out there in Northwest Iowa. You almost pulled off the upset of the day. Thank you for what you did in exposing Steve King for what he truly is. May good fortune follow you, maybe into another run in two years.

We would also like to honor those who ran for state House and state Senate. You put in countless hours of door knocking, making appearances and on the phone. You sacrificed your personal life for a higher purpose. Thank you all so much.

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  1. Anne Duncan says:

    I’d also like to thank those who ran for county and municipal offices. Those local offices are very important, and good occupants of those offices can make a big difference.


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