Sunday Funday: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE Edition

What??? Early voting has been going on for a full week and you haven’t voted yet? What’re you waiting for? 

Seriously, if you have time to vote, do it now. That will relieve you of worrying about possibly missing voting on Election Day itself. There are a couple of ways to vote early. One is by absentee ballot that can be obtained from you county auditor. The other is by going to the auditor’s office during regular business hours and voting there. This is a form of absentee voting so you will have to put you ballot in the secret sleeve and into the envelope. However instead of mailing it to the auditor, you hand it to them.

Plus this is a sure way to check your registration. Details on absentee procedures can be found at the Secretary of State’s website.  

This year, vote for facts, don’t vote for fear.

Sounds like the new badge of honor for female politicians is to have the orange presidential buffoon, Dear Leader, lead his crowd in a chorus of “Lock Her Up” in your name.

It gets worse every week.

  1. Thursday was a great day for rock ’n’ roller Dear leader as he met with what 2 music personna?
  1. Dear Leader announced permanent sale of what blend of gasoline at an appearance in Council Bluffs Tuesday?
  1. What multi-billionaire dumped at least $25 million into Republican campaign coffers Thursday?
  1. Another week of giant storms – Hurricane Michael made landfall in what state after blowing up to a near category 5 Wednesday morning?
  1. What female music icon caused a surge of younger voter registration after she broke her political silence last Sunday?
  1. What goes up must go down. In two days the DJIA lost nearly how many points in an unexpected plunge Wednesday & Thursday?
  1. Fox News announced it would no longer carry what live as the ratings for these events is tanking?
  1. ”Seriously, you asked Russia to hack me on national television,” was the response by who to Dear Leader’s claim she colluded with Russia?
  1. October 19th, 1781 British forces led by General Cornwallis surrendered to the Americans at what location ending the Revolutionary War?
  1. At least for this week Dear Leader says he has no plans to fire what deputy attorney general?
  1. In trade for some time off to campaign back home, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed to do what for Republicans?
  1. Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was thought to have been killed in Turkey by agents of what country he has been critical of?
  1. The Democratic party picked up what pair of notables who registered as Democrats this week?
  1. Rudy off the rails again! Dear Leader’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani called for whose assets to be frozen?
  1. The USA Today newspaper printed a totally misleading and totally fact free editorial about Medicare written by whom?
  1. Officer Jason van Dyke was found guilty of 2nd degree murder of Laquan McDonald in what city?
  1. What US Ambassador to the UN announced her plans to leave that post last week?
  1. A Michigan man using what object as a doorstop for decades found out it was worth over $100,000 last week?
  1. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported last week that the world has how many years to stop a possible climate change catastrophe?
  1. In voter suppression news, Native Americans in what state have had their right to vote almost eliminated due to a law that requires street addresses to register?

@haroldpollack on twitter

George Soros survived the Nazis+Soviet communism to become a self-made billionaire+generous advocate for human rights. His emergence as a totemic hate object on the right just sickens me. And yeah, there’s more than a tinge of anti-Semitism in this.


  1. Kanye West and Kid Rock
  1. E15 (15% ethanol)
  1. Sheldon Adelson
  1. Florida’s panhandle
  1. Taylor Swift
  1. 1400 points
  1. Dear Leader’s “campaign” rallies
  1. Hillary Clinton
  1. Yorktown, Va.
  1. Rod Rosenstein
  1. Confirm 15 federal judge appointments. (Bad choice, Chuck)
  1. Saudi Arabia
  1. Michael Bloomberg and Michael Cohen, who may not be able to vote very soon.
  1. George Soros. The right imagines Soros is doing some bad things to them (see above twitter post)
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Chicago
  1. Nikki Haley
  1. A big rock that turned out to be a meteorite
  1. 12 years
  1. North Dakota. A federal judge ruled the law did not discriminate 

Once again the last thought goes to John Fugelsang:

“Gorsuch was cheating. Kavanaugh was cheating. Voter ID laws are cheating. Russian interference was cheating. Using stolen emails is cheating. Gerrymandering is cheating. An electoral college that was demanded by slaveowners is cheating. And in Georgia, letting the white GOP man stop black ppl from voting for the black Dem woman is some serious WTF weapons-grade cheating.”

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