Cardboard Rod Blum

Can’t remember where we heard of it, but one of our secret chuckles is to go visit the facebook and twitter pages of Cardboard Rod Blum. Ridicule is one of the best weapons against those who think they are high and mighty. Rod Blum has demonstrated throughout his tenure in Congress, that the only people he should answer to are his donors, not the voters of his district.

cardboard rod blum

Cardboard Rod

Whoever is behind this bit of ridicule on facebook and on twitter we applaud their effort. When there is an inflated ego that needs popping, deserved public ridicule is a nice tool to use.

Let’s look at some of the posts that have been used to dog the disappearing congressman this election year:

Some twitter entries:


11 Dec 2017

Hi there! Since Congressman @RepRodBlum refuses to listen to everyday Iowans like you & me, I’m stepping up to hear your concerns. I hope you will join me on my journey through #IA01. #RunAwayRod

Is anyone really surprised that @RepRodBlum isn’t planning to meet with the @DMRegister editorial staff? It is typical for #RunAwayRod to shun his constituents but now he is also running from the media. #RetireRodBlum

Cardboard Rod Blum Retweeted OutFrontCNN

“At the most recent debate, @RepRodBlum slipped in through the back.” Blum also declined an interview with @CNN. And it has been 517 days since his last public townhall in #IA01. Hiding from constituents is Rod Blum’s favorite game. He’s wrong for Iowa. #VoteHimOut #RunawayRod


Oct 5

.@RepRodBlum still doesn’t get it — metal detectors in schools is NOT the answer to eradicating gun violence in schools. He’s dangerously wrong on this and he needs to be called out on it. We need universal background checks, a policy supported by the majority of Iowans. #IA01

From Facebook:

Cardboard Rod Blum

October 5 at 3:39 PM ·

I have been looking for Congressman Rod Blum for the last 512 days and haven’t been able to find him. But we know where to find him tonight. 7 pm @ Gallagher Bluedorn Center on the UNI campus. Tune in on @KWWL to watch #Abby4Iowa show us what real leadership looks like. #RetireRodBlum

Cardboard Rod Blum

October 2 at 2:47 PM ·

Does Congressman Rod Blum think the voters of #IA01 aren’t paying attention as he votes to plunge the country deeper and deeper into debt? Blum’s tax cuts will put Social Security and Medicare at risk for America’s seniors. Time to #RetireRodBlum…/editorial-b…/1489613002/

Cardboard Rod Blum

September 20 at 4:55 PM ·

This is just one of the many reasons why Congressman Rod Blum is going to be retired in November. “Voters say 2-to-1 the tax law benefits rich over middle class.”…/internal-gop-poll-we-ve-lost-th…

Take a visit and read some of the adventures of Cardboard Rod Blum.

Meanwhile, Abby Finkenauer is battling hard so she can really represent the people of Iowa-01 the way they should be represented.

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