Sunday Funday: Kavanaugh’s Problem Is Kavanaugh


Trevor Noah recapitulates Thursday’s hearing – 12 minutes

Despite his claims that all his problems are caused by someone else, Brett Kavanaugh’s problems have been mostly caused by Brett Kavanaugh. There were so many inconsistencies, lies and refusals to answer in his testimony Thursday that even Satan himself would be embarrassed by it. Yet for Republicans who have sold their souls to have power, all was well.

One of the most startling statements Kavanaugh made was that his problems were caused by “revenge on behalf of the Clintons.” Really, Brett? I know that sells on the right, but you are touted to be intelligent. You said so yourself about 20 times Thursday. Yet you believe such total BS? He should be disqualified just on that statement.

His performance Thursday would disqualify him for an entry position at McDonald’s. Still, the vast majority of Republicans will approve him for a seat on America’s highest court. It was also pretty obvious that if liberals happen to stumble into HIS court they are not only not welcome, but may end up in jail just for being liberal.

The hurricane of bad news continues:

  1. The magazine America rescinded their endorsement of Kavanaugh. This magazine is published by what Catholic order of priests that taught Kavanaugh in high school?
  1. Quick now, was the UN General Assembly laughing AT our Dear Leader or laughing WITH our Dear Leader?
  1. Asking about possibly drinking to a blackout what senator did Kavanaugh respond to with a derisive “You’re asking about blackout. I don’t know – have you?”
  1. Monday Americans flocked to their news sources as who was summoned to the White House?
  1. Another woman claiming sexual harassment by Brett Kavanaugh hired what media savvy Democratic attorney as her attorney this week?
  1. The FCC voted this week to not allow what government entities to charge telecoms for adding 5G upgrades to existing infrastructure like telephone poles?
  1. Kavanaugh claimed boofing is a drinking game. Is it?
  1. A major case on the SCOTUS docket that really concerns Dear Leader is Gamble v. US. Gamble deals with what aspect of the 5th amendment?
  1. What daughter of a former president revealed that she was raped and did not tell anyone for decades?
  1. In Colorado, a group of teens Wednesday smashed a van into a pot store and stole merchandise from the display cases. What was in the merchandise they stole?
  1. An updated “Murphy Brown” premiered on CBS Thursday. What political figure guest starred as a person looking for a secretarial position?
  1. In Missouri, senate candidate Josh Hawley claims he supports forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions despite his role in what lawsuit?
  1. Similarly, in Iowa what congressional candidate claims he supports coverage of pre-existing conditions despite his several votes to end the ACA?
  1. Dunkin’ Donuts is changing its name to what?
  1. What major entertainment figure was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for rape?
  1. In remodeling their house, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had what unusual feature built in her house?
  1. In a rambling and unfocused news conference Wednesday, Dear Leader said he rejected a meeting with what country about trade negotiations?
  1. What four Democratic senators walked out of Judiciary Committee meeting Friday in protest?
  1. What US senator was chased from a fancy Italian restaurant by protestors shouting “We believe survivors!”?
  1. A federal judge restored the Endangered Species Act for Yellowstone Park in time to stop a hunt for which animal?

Malcolm Nance:

“Trump destroyed the Presidency. Destroyed the Congress. Destroyed NATO & the Atlantic Alliance. Destroying the FBI & Justice. The Supreme Court will be lost tomorrow. The national recalibration starts November 6th.”


  1. The Jesuits
  1. Dear Leader was laughed At, despite what he said.
  1. Amy Klobuchar
  1. Rod Rosenstein
  1. Michael Avenatti
  1. Municipalities – they will lose over $2 billion in revenue
  1. No, nor is Devil’s triangle. Both are sexually related
  1. Double jeopardy – trying to stop a case in federal court also being tried at the state level
  1. Patty Davis (daughter of Ronald Reagan)
  1. Oregano – the store kept no real product (marijuana) on display
  1. Hillary Clinton
  1. The state AGs lawsuit to stop the ACA
  1. David Young
  1. Dunkin’
  1. Bill Cosby
  1. A second front door – an escape hatch of sorts
  1. Canada. Canada said no such meeting had ever been scheduled
  1. Senators Harris, Hirono, Blumenthal and Whitehouse
  1. Ted Cruz
  1. Grizzly Bears

It is hard to see Republican mothers say about Brett Kavanaugh “What boy hasn’t done that?” Really scares you to think what kind of sons they are raising.





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