Help me call Steve King out to debate!

(email from JD Scholten – IA-04)

JD Scholten For Congress
It’s been one week since I issued a debate challenge to Steve King. He responded by saying he wouldn’t debate me because, as he put it, “there’s not a clear division on issues.” If Steve King truly thinks there isn’t a clear division on where he and I stand on the issues, he’s even more out of touch than we thought. Here’s just a few of the places where we differ:

* Steve King calls the recently passed tax bill his “best vote.” I think it was a scam perpetuated on the working class. It’s going to add $1.9 trillion to our deficit and nearly all of the tax cuts go to those at the top. I stand for tax reform that benefits the working class.

* Rep. King has voted to take away health care from thousands of Iowans with pre-existing conditions. I want to ensure access to affordable health care for all Iowans.

* Farm incomes are collapsing to 2002 levels and Steve King has done nothing about it. I’ll actually challenge the corporate consolidation of our markets that is squeezing our farmers, and I oppose the disastrous trade wars that Iowa is bearing the brunt of.

* Steve King doesn’t show up. He’s missed 39% of House Agriculture Committee hearings and 80% of Small Business Committee hearings. He doesn’t do Town Halls or events with the general public and now, he won’t even participate in a debate! I’ve done two 39 county tours in the last year and am launching a third 39 county Town Hall tour in the next few days. (You can’t fake showing up.)

* Steve King practices politics of division and fear. I want to work for ALL of the people here to build our district’s future together.

There are significant differences on the issues between myself and Steve King, and the voters deserve to hear loud and clear the differences between the incumbent and the candidate running to replace them. Please sign this petition today, asking that Steve King do his democratic duty and participate in three debates. Our goal is to collect as many signatures as possible to pressure him into doing what is right and honor the great American tradition of political debates. Our voters deserve nothing less.

You can access the petition demanding a debate HERE.

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