Sunday Funday: Waiting For The Manafort To Sing Edition

It will be such a lovely song. Full of words that will afflict the comfortable. Sing mighty Manafort sing. This may be the song of freedom that we have heard about. Sing loud and sing proud. There is no pardon in your future, mighty Manafort so sing loudly for all to hear!   I am sort of getting that Fitzmas feeling all over again. Let us hope this is more fruitful. 

I am feeling like a cute dog video (minute and a half)  is in order today. It has seemed so dark since 11/09/16:

Wow I can’t even keep up at all anymore:

  1. During the middle of last week there was a high number of concurrent active storms of tropical depression status or higher in the world. How many were active at one time last week?
  1. Dear Leader canceled a trip to what European country this coming November?
  1. Who gave himself an A+ for the administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico?
  1. What musician received some backlash for staging a concert for senate candidate Beto O’Rourke in Texas?
  1. Les Moonves left his position as CEO of what corporation due to allegations of sexual misconduct?
  1. An online group raised $1.3 million for a yet to be named candidate to oppose what senator should that senator vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh?
  1. Iowa gubernatorial candidates Fred Hubbell and Kim Reynolds agreed to how many debates this fall?
  1. September 17th, 1683 Dutch scientist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek reports the existence of what previously unknown life form?
  1. According to the FDA, what bad health practice has reached “epidemic proportions” among US teens?
  1. Here’s a relic from the past. What “club” opened yesterday in NYC, over 3 decades after the last of its kind closed in NYC?
  1. What book was published this week to record sales?
  1. “Just Do It!” How much did Nike online sales increase in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick ad campaign.
  1. Speaking of Kaepernick, what story about reaction to Kaepernick that went viral across the internet was revealed to be false?
  1. Who was announced as the main speaker for the Iowa Democratic Party’s Fall Gala next month?
  1. What multi-billionaire announced he would donate $2 billion to help the homeless and create preschools?
  1. Hurricane Florence may dump up to 40” of rain in the Carolinas. Hugo dumped 58” on Houston last year. How much rain did Hawaii receive three weeks ago from Hurricane Lane?
  1. Thousands of Medicaid recipients were dropped in what state for failing to meet work requirements?
  1. A female police officer in what city has been charged with manslaughter after killing a man in his own apartment?
  1. What senior administration official threatened the International Criminal Court with sanctions if the ICC continued to investigate US war crimes in Afghanistan?
  1. What European Union member was punished by the EU for breaches of EU core values?

Andy Borowitz (shortly following news that Manafort would cooperate with Mueller):

Before bringing his conversation with reporters to an abrupt close, Trump offered a theory of who Manafort might be. “You’re telling me he ran a campaign,” Trump said. “If he ran anybody’s campaign, it was Hillary’s.”


  1. 8 according to weatherunderground (5 Atlantic, 3 Pacific)
  1. Ireland (looks like he is still looking for something to do on Veteran’s day weekend since his parade was also cancelled – anybody want to invite him over for dinner?)
  1. Dear Leader!
  1. Willie Nelson
  1. CBS
  1. Maine’s Susan Collins
  1. 3
  1. Bacteria
  1. Vaping using nicotine laced vaping liquid
  1. A new Playboy Club
  1. “Fear” by Bob Woodward
  1. 31%
  1. That a mad fan burned his house down trying to burn his Nike products
  1. Corey Booker
  1. Jeff Bezos of Amazon (hey, Jeff, raise the wages and benefits for your workers and contrast workers. That would really help)
  1. 52” – see a trend here?
  1. Arkansas (vote for Republicans and Iowa could be next)
  1. Dallas
  1. John Bolton
  1. Hungary

One more for fun:

Kirk the border collie watches herself win agility contest on TV (35 seconds)

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