Sunday Funday: Nixon Resigns Anniversary Edition

video 4 minutes:

Forty-four years ago this coming Wednesday old Tricky Dick sat down in front of a camera and made a statement that started me on perhaps the worst night of drinking in my life. Geez, I was so glad to see him go. By golly, I was in a mood to celebrate. The next day at noon he was gone and I was battling a terrible hangover. 

Of course this is so relevant to today because once again we have a leader who really needs to be removed. But what is even more relevant to the parallels between these two bad presidents is the way they conspired with foreign governments to – shall we say – up their chances of victory.

For some reason, Nixon’s undermining of the Paris Peace talks with North Viet Nam is seldom discussed. Most people still think Nixon’s victory was pristine. Hardly. His campaign began what has been many years of subterfuge and voter suppression by the Republican Party. As Lyndon Johnson said in a phone conversation with then Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen “This is treason.”

Over at Politico in a story about a year old John Farrell goes through the whole sordid story and ties some of it back to what was happening in the investigation into Dear Leader at that time (2017). That is still very relevant. It may take a half hour to read, but well worth your time.     

Oy Vey!

  1. In an unusual recall announced Friday, Almond Breeze almond milk recalled some of their product because it was found that it might contain what?
  1. Susan Christensen was appointed to Iowa’s Supreme Court Wednesday. What is rather unique about Ms. Cheistensen’s lineage?
  1. Monday is the 73rd anniversary of what world changing event?
  1. What company became the first company to be valued at over a trillion dollars on Wall Street Thursday?
  1. Friday was the monthly jobs report day. What was the job growth for the month of July?
  1. While wages appeared to grow the effect of what caused real wage growth to actually decrease?
  1. Wild weather on the east coast included confirmation that a tornado touched down in what New York City borough?
  1. Meanwhile in other climate related news the Carr fire continues on a rampage in what state?
  1. In another major event that too place on August 6th, in 1965 President Johnson signed what far reaching law?
  1. Reports are now coming in that immigrant children separated from their parents at the border may now be victims of what abuse?
  1. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin proposed a back door huge tax cut for the wealthy by changing the way what is calculated?
  1. In Michigan the Supreme Court will allow a proposal to create a commission to draw what lines to be on the ballot in November?
  1. In Finland, one supermarket is allowing customers to sleep in their store as temperatures climb to what new records?
  1. The current administration is proposing cutting back automobile emission standards which would also stop separate standards imposed by what state?
  1. What journalist got up and walked out on Sarah Huckabee Sanders press gaggle Thursday after she refused to walk back Dear Leader’s statement that the press is the enemy or the people?
  1. The Pope called for the abolition of what punishment?
  1. A new book on the current administration was announced to be published in early September. Who is the author of this forthcoming book?
  1. In the Twin Cities a young man with cognitive disabilities got angry over the wait on a water slide and did what?
  1. One more event that has had long lasting effects that took place on Aug. 6th. In 1991 Tim Berners Lee released files that became the basis for what computer related design?
  1. Also related to the heavy storms on the east coast, a dam near what Virginia city appears to be on the verge of collapse that could release a wall of water to the city?
  1. According to Dear Leader’s administration what group should be responsible for reuniting the families that were torn apart at the border by the administration?
  1. According to the followers of Q, the far right wing conspiracy group, just who is Q?

John Fugelsang on twitter quotes James Baldwin:

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” – James Baldwin


  1. Real cow’s milk. Some folks are very allergic cow’s milk. Some was shipped into Iowa
  1. Her father, Jerry Larson, was on the Iowa Supreme Court for 30 years
  1. The nuclear bombing of Hiroshima
  1. Apple
  1. 157,000
  1. Inflation
  1. Queens
  1. California
  1. Voting Rights Act
  1. Sexual
  1. Cost basis for stock purchase to figure in inflation. This is no where in any law. 
  1. District lines to end the practice of gerrymandering
  1. 40 degrees C or 104 F. Very few air conditioners or fans in Finland
  1. California
  1. Jim Acosta of CNN
  1. The death penalty
  1. Bob Woodward.
  1. Threw an 8 year old boy from the top of the slide to the ground. The boy suffered only some broken bones.
  1. The World Wide Web
  1. Lynchburg, Va. NWS report stated “if a complete failure of the dam occurs, the water depth at Lynchburg could exceed 17 feet in 7 minutes.” 
  1. The ACLU – it takes some real twisted logic to come up with that one.
  1. John F. Kennedy, Jr. who according to them is not dead.

Someone asked at the supermarket the other day “Now that we need an ID to buy groceries, will we need a passport to go to the international section?” I honestly don’t know.

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