Sunday Funday: 100 Days Until The Election


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If you haven’t stepped up now is the time. There are doors to knock, there are contributions to make, there are phone calls to make, there are absentee ballots to be requested. Candidates not only need your money – never met a Democrat who didn’t need some monetary help – but they also need your help. 

Maybe you could whip up some food to feed campaign workers? How about writing some post cards or stuffing some envelopes? Get down to your county Democratic headquarters or sign up with a candidate online. You will be proud to know you helped and any and all help will be appreciated.

Ever think of writing a letter to the editor of your local paper? Now is the time!

Oy Vey! Another week into the abyss.

  1. “Hey, I am not coming for a visit, but why don’t you come here?” said what world leader to what other world non-leader last week?
  1. Allen Weisselberg is suddenly a household name. Who is he?
  1. 10:30 PM last Sunday night, Dear Leader threatened to go to war with what country?
  1. As of what date will Americans be able to download plans for guns which can be printed on 3D printers? This will include AR15s.
  1. The first target of Russian interference has been identified as what senator in a close re-election battle?
  1. In a lawsuit involving what clause of the constitution concerning a president personally profiting from foreign or state governments due to the office did a judge allow to proceed?
  1. In another court setback for the administration, a federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit that is trying to strike what from the next census?
  1. In writings of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh coming to light, Kavanaugh feels that the SCOTUS decision against what president was wrongly decided?
  1. Even though the defendant in the case admitted to the crime in court, jurors refused to convict a man in Georgia for what offense Friday?
  1. Who is the latest major entertainment figure to be hit with sexual misconduct allegations?
  1. What big social media companies have seen their stock prices plunge amid lower profits and users as they attempt to battle hate speech and abuse?
  1. In negative commercials aimed at Iowa Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell people claiming to have lost jobs at Yonkers due to Hubbell are actually what?
  1. In the create a problem and pretend to fix a problem what group will be getting up to $12 billion from the Department of Agriculture to offset loses caused by US unilateral tariff actions?
  1. Dear Leader’s announcement of new trade agreements with what group this week appears to be little more than vague, unenforceable promises?
  1. August 1, 1944 the last entry is written into what diary that would become a world wide best seller?
  1. A man in what Canadian city opened gunfire killing two and injured 13?
  1. Scientists from Italy located water in what unlikely place last week?
  1. August 2, 1776, 55 members of the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia to do what?
  1. In a sort of ironic twist, Rep. Jim Jordan, former assistant college wrestling coach, currently involved in the Ohio State sexual abuse scandal, let it be known that he is interested in what position?
  1. Among many errors at his appearance, Dear Leader forgot the name of what major Iowa politician?

Bonus question: What beloved Des Moines Register and Cedar Rapids Gazette columnist died last week?

John Fugelsang:  “Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy is on TV saying we can’t trust Donald Trump’s lawyer Mike because Donald Trump hires terrible liars to be his lawyers.” 


  1. Putin to our Dear Leader
  1. Trump, Inc. accountant who was subpoenaed to testify by the Mueller probe this week
  1. Iran – or it surely read like a threat
  1. Aug. 1
  1. Claire McCaskill in Missouri
  1. The emoluments clause
  1. The question concerning citizenship inserted by the current administration
  1. Nixon in the case where Nixon was forced to turn over recordings that were public records
  1. Growing marijuana for personal medicinal use
  1. CBS president Les Moonves
  1. Facebook and Twitter
  1. Republican county officials. Since the commercial talks about a time 30 years ago, some wouldn’t have even been in school yet.
  1. Farmers
  1. Europe
  1. Anne Frank’s Diary
  1. Toronto
  1. Mars
  1. Sign the parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence
  1. Speaker of the House. The irony is that former speaker Dennis Hastert was a wrestling coach who was involved in a sexual abuse scandal
  1. Rod Blum. It was in Blum’s district. Blum must really be hiding in Washington

Bonus answer: Donald Kaul. See, you knew without me saying RAGBRAI.  We shall miss his wit.

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