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Deidre DeJear

Secretary of State Candidate Deidre DeJear

With all the other races in Iowa and across the country some races get a bit dwarfed. Let’s not forget Diedre DeJear folks. Ms. DeJear is in a quest to restore the Iowa Secretary of State’s office to an office that will be working to make sure all eligible Iowans vote.

Like in many Republican controlled states, Iowa has taken major steps backwards in voting eligibility. This is wrong and an attempt to win elections by shrinking the electorate. Iowa’s current Secretary of State throughout the year seems to be full of praise for the voter suppression bill, but quite short on knowledge of what is in it. Some good examples of what happened in real life were compiled by desmoinesdem at last March. 

And this guy wants your vote.

Time for a change folks. It is time to move away from tricks like voter suppression to win elections. If Republicans can’t win elections on their platforms and  letting all citizens vote and be counted, then they should take the consequences. Understand that if voter suppression works this time, it will only get worse.

Time to change to a candidate who believes in the people and will work on their behalf. Deidre DeJear is that person.

Which brings me to the email blast that was sent out last Wednesday from the DeJear campaign:

Today is a giant step forward in the fight to restore voting rights in our state. Minutes ago a judge blocked the most egregious parts of Paul Pate’s Voter ID bill. What does this mean in 2018? In short: nearly two weeks of early voting have been restored, and thousands of voters will not be prevented from voting this November because they don’t have the required forms of identification.

This doesn’t mean our work is over: chip in $5 or $10 today so our campaign get every eligible voter out to the polls!

The passage of HF 516 was a step backwards for Iowa. The law infringes on the rights of students, the elderly, people with disabilities, minorities and those living below the poverty line. Out on the road, I heard story after story from voters who don’t have an ID, aren’t mobile, or were unable to cast their ballots because of HF 516.

Paul Pate is the only Secretary of State to commission a voter ID law such as this – and now he has been ordered to stop his deliberately misleading advertising campaign around the changes.

This is a good day for all Iowa voters. 

The court’s ruling today will make it easier for so many to cast their ballots this fall. I am proud of those who stood up to challenge this unnecessary and tedious law. One thing is clear: voters are making their voices heard in 2018, and that all starts at the ballot box.

It truly is the #YearoftheVoter!

Deidre DeJear

An interesting sidelight to the judge’s decision in this case is that in training held by the Secretary of State’s office Thursday, the county auditors who were assembled in Iowa City for training on the new rules were told by State Director of Elections to follow the law despite the judge’s decision:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa election officials were told Thursday to follow the state’s new voter identification law despite a judge’s order that temporarily halted several provisions, according to two county auditors.


Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald and Linn County Auditor Joel Miller said Ken Kline, deputy commissioner of elections at the Secretary of State’s Office, told a gathering of the Iowa County Auditor Association in Iowa City they didn’t need to follow a temporary injunction issued Wednesday by Polk County Judge Karen Romano.

The two county auditors said Dawn Wilson, director of elections at the Secretary of State’s Office, told election officials to expect written guidance at a later date. Miller called their comments “inappropriate.”


“I’m sure they scripted it before they went up there,” Miller said. “They’re supposed to be the know-it-alls on this particular topic and they flubbed up.”


That is a great step forward, but you know Republicans will not rest at this. They will fight to reverse this decision.

Therefore, each and every Iowa voter needs to protect themselves this election. Check at the Secretary of State’s website  or give your county auditor a call to make sure you are registered.

And don’t forget a little cash to help Deidre Dejear.

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