People Might Expect Education And Health Care For Their Children?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or both: (17 minutes)

Let me think. One of the purposes of rebelling against Britain was so that we could band together and decide to do things for the common good. 

Giving children an education has been shown to benefit society and the child as they grow into citizens. Ignorance should be avoided as it weakens society. One of the hallmarks of civilization is that the obligation for educating all the children falls to the state which in turn means us – all of us. There are simply huge benefits to seeing that all the children are educated, especially in the economic sphere.

Seeing that everyone has health care is also a great benefit to society. Health care for all helps cut down on things like epidemics and pandemics. If you mix education with health care we may get citizens who will vaccinate their children in order to stop the spread of ravaging diseases. 

It is almost unbelievable that Republicans truly believe that two things that benefit society so much in total would be two things that they would be against.

It is simply stunning how the radical right has changed on these issues. At one time not all that long ago in an era called B.R. (before Reagan) most all citizens felt some obligation to work toward at least universal education. Unfortunately racism often got in the way of universality. However, many did work for universality.

Health care unfortunately has never been accorded the acceptance as universal need. Health care has also been oftentimes waylaid by racism. However, at one time in the very recent past voting for Children’s Health Care programs would sail through the US Senate with none or only a few ‘No’ votes. Now even that program is in danger.

Why? The reasons are beyond me to explain. It sure seems like one often cited reason is that taxes have been so maligned over the years that even raising money to pay the bills that we have accrued is dicey. The distrust that someone is getting something they don’t “deserve” is deep. Health care seems to be one of those things that not everyone “deserves.”

Radical right thinkers must believe that the next thing these poachers (us?) will want if they get education and health care is food. Can you imagine? And then perhaps at least a minimal place to live and wages that would allow someone to take care of themselves and their family. Can you imagine the audacity??

So they will force babies to be born but after that even the babies don’t deserve society’s help and are on their own. Plan accordingly and choose your parents well. In this country it may be your most important decision you ever make.

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