Best Hopes For Marshalltown, Bondurant And Pella


Thunderstorm Rolling In

The devastation of Thursday’s storms are just sinking in for many. This is not the first time Iowa has been hit by tornadoes and certainly won’t be the last. Iowans have always rolled up their sleeves and pitched in at times like this.

Fortunately this is what we spend so much time planning for. Planning to get warnings out, planning for shelters to handle people and planning for recovery.

Insurances and governmental aid have long been set up for such emergencies.

Iowa has withstood the force of nature before in places like Charles City, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. We will come back from this.

We know Iowans will roll up their sleeves and open their checkbooks to help out.

In recent years we have seen some breakdowns in some of the agencies that were created for emergencies like this. Here is hoping that does not happen in this case. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery

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2 Responses to Best Hopes For Marshalltown, Bondurant And Pella

  1. Anne Duncan says:

    I agree with everything in this post except for one phrase. We are no longer dealing with “the forces of nature,” we are dealing with the forces of climate change. The storms we are experiencing in Iowa are changing.

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    • Paul Deaton says:

      Thanks for your comment Anne. Human kind has made our bed, now we will have to sleep in it. The failure of our political systems is less about climate change than an inability or unwillingness of political leaders to heed the warnings of scientists on several topics: human contributions to global warming, disease, farming practices, water quality and famine particularly.


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