Sunday Funday: And It’s Fair Season Edition

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The middle of July and it is time for county fairs. These slice of Americana are often one of the core events in a county every year. In agricultural states they are the high water mark of the calendar year. This is the time when animals, crops and handmade goods are judged for their worthiness to go on to the state fair competition. Often a full year of work gets is on the line when the judges make their choices.

When fairs began and prospered in this state there was no electricity, cars or trucks or other modern conveniences. As the world has progressed especially in recent years, the pull of the county fair for most citizens has waned. Where the fair was once one of the few places where a person could view new gadgets we can now do that instantly on our phones any time of any day.

Yet a day at the local fair is always a day that will be memorable. A place to eat foods you would never eat elsewhere, see old friends, catch some free entertainment under a shady tree and maybe score a prize for one of the kids. You can also view the prize winning work of your friends and neighbors that exhibit everything from calves to pies and flowers.

A day at the fair will also be magical for the kids and they gaze at the food wagons, take in the bright lights and ride the big rides. Have Fun at your local fair in the next few weeks!

Yet another WTH week.

  1. One of the most beloved Iowans, what former governor died last Sunday at age 89?
  1. In a mockery of a congressional hearing what FBI agent was grilled by hostile Republican congress members?
  1. Hey, another presidential pardon! What fine upstanding citizens were pardoned this week?
  1. Kim Jung Un made a fool our Secretary of State last week. North Korea released a photo of Kim visiting where instead of negotiating with Pompeo?
  1. In a public statement at the NATO summit our Dear Leader publicly claimed what country was “a captive of Russia?”
  1. Due to public demonstrations against him, Dear Leader had to forego a trip to what international capitol?
  1. In a real surprise what small Balkan country finds its soccer team in the championship World Cup game today?
  1. No matter what, what will be significant about the new Justice that will be appointed to the Iowa Supreme Court this fall?
  1. Iowa Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell promised last week to restore what program to state control?
  1. Indictments were handed down for what group on Friday as announce by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein?
  1. The US not only opposed what UN resolution but threatened trade sanctions on some countries that support the resolution?
  1. Among the most inspiring news of the week and maybe for years was the story of the rescue of the Thailand soccer team from a flooded what?
  1. In Britain, what former London Mayor and Foreign minister left the Theresa May cabinet as her government got shakier and shakier?
  1. Speaking of Britain, a group of protesters flew a huge balloon of who as a baby in a diaper as that world leader visited Britain?
  1. In an interview with the Sun newspaper in Britain, Dear Leader claimed he had better poll numbers than what earlier Republican president?
  1. Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by Dear Leader for SCOTUS Monday. Kavanaugh is probably the only judge in America who believes that a sitting what should not be bothered by legal matters?
  1. What pizza magnate resigned as board chair following another racial slur incident?
  1. What inmate in the Russian probe lost his VIP jail accommodations when he complained that the location interfered with his ability to prepare for his trial?
  1. Dawn Sturgess died in Britain after exposure to a nerve agent known to be used by what country?
  1. What high administration official came to Iowa last week and gave little but lip service to Iowa farmers beset by administration trade policies?

Heard on the radio:

“Vote Republican for your boss’s boss. Vote Democratic for your children’s children.”


  1. Robert D. Ray
  1. Peter Strzok
  1. In Oregon, Dwight and Steven Hammond who set fires on public lands were pardoned.
  1. A potato farm
  1. Germany
  1. London
  1. Croatia
  1. The new justice will be a woman as all candidates are women. The current Iowa SC is all male
  1. Medicaid – thank you Fred!
  1. 12 Russian intelligence officers
  1. A resolution to promote breastfeeding
  1. Cave
  1. Boris Johnson
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Abraham Lincoln
  1. President – lucky for Dear Leader that Kavanaugh believes that
  1. Papa John Schnatter
  1. Paul Manafort
  1. Russia –  it was the same agent that nearly killed the Skripals
  1. VP Mike Pence
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