Abby Finkenauer – What IA 01 Needs

video 1.5 minutes

One of the most exciting candidates to come along in Iowa in a long time is the Democratic candidate in Iowa’s first congressional district.

Abby Finkenauer is exciting not only because of her youth, but also because her views harken back to a time when the Democratic Party stood tall for workers and minorities. Add in the fact that she is a woman who has been directly in the middle of the battle for women’s rights in the Iowa legislature.

Unlike her opponent who can’t seem to find his own district and when he does stumble in does his damnedest to avoid seeing any constituents, you can bet that Finkenauer will be checking in with the good folks back home on a regular basis.

Above and below we have a couple of Finkenauer’s campaign videos. You can find her campaign website here.  

If you want to see Finkenauer’s positions on issues you can check in here.   

And of course every campaign runs on money. You can join fellow Iowans in supporting Abby Finkenauer on her contributions page here.   

video 3:20


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