Sunday Funday: Dear Leader Leaves Country Next Week Edition

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In case you hadn’t heard Dear Leader will be leaving the country next week. How fast and how high can we build walls? Just kidding, folks. Can’t think of a single reason why we would want to get rid of this man. But I could think of several hundred reasons.

Well, hope your enjoying what seems to be headed for perhaps the hottest summer the world has ever seen. So if you are making travel plans, perhaps a new world might be worth looking into.

OMG – another week in fantasy land.

  1. Unfortunately, a great spokesperson for workers left us this week. What once well known liberal radio and TV personality died suddenly Thursday morning?
  1. Despite promises to the US and South Korea, what country continues to build nuclear facilities?
  1. Teacher Kristin Mink asked what cabinet member to resign when she saw him at lunch Monday? The cabinet member then resigned Thursday.
  1. And the new president of Mexico is who?
  1. The first shots in the trade war between the US and China were fired at midnight Eastern time on what day last week?
  1. Two people were killed and 5 injured when a huge tree branch fell on a crowd at 4th of July fireworks in what Illinois border town with Iowa?
  1. What two major world leaders will meet IN PRIVATE with no one else around a week from Monday in Helsinki?
  1. Central Iowa were inundated last Saturday night with up to how many inches of rain in a short time causing wide spread flooding?
  1. What former Ohio State wrestling assistant coach and possible Speaker of the House candidate is being called on to resign because of his knowing and doing nothing about sexual assault in the OSU wrestling program?
  1. Monday, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin cut dental and vision care for Medicaid patients when a federal judge blocked the state from enacting what for Medicaid patients?
  1. Similarly in Iowa the U of Iowa dental Clinic announced it would no longer take new patients who are on what insurance system?
  1. LeBron James, NBA superstar, exercised his free agency and went from Cleveland to what other NBA team?
  1. The current head of the EPA once had a job as a lobbyist for what genre of clients?
  1. What Western head of state is the latest to have a vague claim of groping from 20 years ago lodged against him?
  1. Twelve missing boys and their soccer coach were found alive in flooded caves in what country?
  1. Who received a prank call from comedian Stuttering John Melendez on an apparently non-secure cell phone?
  1. The FBI foiled a plot for an attack during the 4th of July parade in what large city?
  1. The new White House Communications Director is what former disgraced Fox News executive?
  1. What company was facing a boycott for selling “Impeach 45” t-shirts in their online store?
  1. Huge protests are planned when Dear Leader visits what world capital next week?

From Georgia Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis:

“Your vote matters. If it didn’t, why would some people keep trying to take it away?” #goodtrouble


  1. Ed Schultz
  1. North Korea
  1. Scott Pruitt
  1. Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (AMLO)
  1. Friday
  1. Rock Island
  1. Putin and our Dear Leader
  1. 9 inches was the amount I heard
  1. Rep. Jim Jordon
  1. Work requirements
  1. Medicaid
  1. Los Angeles Lakers
  1. Fossil fuel industries – coal in particular (new boss same as the old boss)
  1. Justin Trudeau
  1. Thailand
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Cleveland
  1. Bill Shine
  1. Walmart
  1. London

As many of you know I celebrate a little bit as the days slowly get shorter during summer. Yippee!

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