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Des Moines, Iowa — Progress Iowa today released a new video highlighting the need to enact common sense gun laws in Iowa. The advertisement, entitled Lockdown, shows a text message conversation between a parent and student during an active shooter threat, and closes by calling people to action by texting SAFEIOWA to 30644. Progress Iowa consulted Iowa students while developing the ad, as well as pulling from real-life examples from school shootings.

Lockdown will be airing online across the state starting yesterday, as thousands of students walked out of their classrooms, taking action to end the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

“I’ve been in this situation when a school I’ve attended received a threat, and it really forces you to think about this,” said Olivia Boulting, a sophomore at Van Meter High School. “When we went under lockdown, I sent my parents a message and I told them I was scared, and I loved them so much. Now I have a group chat with both my parents, and I would want to get ahold of them if something similar were to happen, and my baby sister, especially since her school is attached to mine. The fear and confusion that happens with threats or active shooters continue to encourage me to stand up and fight for change.”

“It would be terrifying to be on a lockdown,” said Tristin Delaney, a junior at Oskaloosa High School. “I would want my family to know that I love them, and how important they are to me. It’s not something we should have to be prepared for, but unfortunately that’s why so many of us have been working to take action.”

Recently, Progress Iowa released a report along with the Center for American Progress, entitled Gun Violence in Iowa: A Cautionary Tale. The report lays out a menu of policy options to combat gun violence in Iowa. Among those recommendations:

  • Close the long gun loophole and require background checks for all long gun sales.

  • Enact a gun violence restraining order

  • Require gun owners to report lost or stolen guns

  • Restore law enforcement discretion in the issuance of concealed carry permits

  • Repeal the dangerous “stand your ground” law

Progress Iowa is a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization with a network of nearly 70,000 progressives. Year-round, Progress Iowa advocates for a stronger middle class, first-class public education, and fairness for all Iowans under the law. For more information, visit http://progressiowa.org/.


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