Evangelicals Exposed In Lust For Power

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The last couple of weeks of revelations on the Stormy Daniels tryst with the current president has also revealed a lot about one of the current president’s biggest group of faithful followers. That group are those that describe themselves as evangelical Christians.

Watching evangelical leaders twist and contort their supposedly deep, immutable and firmly held beliefs so that they can rationalize supporting a human who appears to have committed a sin against everything they believe (except abortion and homosexuality so far as we know) is almost like watching a circus sideshow.

Why would they do such a thing? Doing so should be eroding any public persona these folks have. Slowly they are becoming national laughingstocks. That is the perception among those on the outside looking in. From the inside these fake men and women of God know that Trump has what they lust for – power and wealth.

Of course the claim is that they are to do this to attain God’s plan on earth. Funny thing is that what they claim is God’s plan lines up exactly with their own beliefs and prejudices. This is not much different from any of the self proclaimed men of God no matter what the religious persuasion.

It is amazing that the followers of these charlatans don’t leave them in droves and call them out for their lust for earthly power that will cause such evangelical leaders to make a mockery of their professed beliefs.

Katha Pollit over at the Nation takes a look at this phenomena. Bottom line they will do what they must to impose their will on this country:

Say what you will about the terrible, terrifying Trump years, one good thing has already come out of them: the discrediting of evangelical Christianity. For decades, believers have boasted of their superior virtue, especially in matters of sex and marriage and parenting and social propriety. They’ve blasted premarital and extramarital sex, LGBTQ people, divorce, pornography, sex work, foul language, crude behavior, and not being a Christian—as they define “Christian”—blaming these things for everything from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina. They never get tired of going after Bill Clinton for his infidelities and Hillary Clinton for “enabling” them. (How frustrating it must have been for them that Barack Obama, the Muslim Kenyan communist, spent eight years in the White House with nary a whiff of scandal!) Now they’ve sold their souls to Donald Trump, who has partaken freely of practically every vice and depravity known to man. Urged on by their leaders, 81 percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump—more than voted for George W. Bush, an actual evangelical—and now everyone is laughing at them. It’s about time.


If you leave out the part about Trump being a corrupt, immoral con man and bully who might well plunge us into World War III—which to some evangelicals wouldn’t be so bad, given the sinfulness of humanity—there’s lots for them to like. He’s putting their guys on the federal bench—just one more Supreme Court justice and there go abortion, civil rights, gay rights, the separation of church and state, and much more. He’s installed agency heads who are right-wing Christians: Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Nikki Haley, and, if he’s confirmed, Mike Pompeo, plus virtually anyone in his administration who has anything to do with women’s health. He’s promised to get rid of the Johnson Amendment, which bars tax-exempt religious institutions from endorsing candidates, paving the way for a mammoth tide of political contributions to churches. White evangelicals distrust science, dismiss racial discrimination, believe that immigrants threaten American values, and worry about extremism among American Muslims? So does Trump.

Maybe this Easter will see true men and women of peace recognize these charlatans for what they are and quit following them.

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