Sunday Funday: It’s Easter Edition

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I have never understood why Easter is a floating religious holiday. As a friend of mine once stated “If we know the date Jesus was born, why don’t we know the date he died?” This year it is early and it is cold, but better days are ahead.

The first week of April contains many dates that are important in American history. This particular year we have the first of several 50th anniversaries of events that took place during the tumultuous year of 1968. I am referring to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King on April 4th.

Unfortunately while there has definitely been progress since Dr.King’s death it has not been nearly enough.

Another crazy week.

  1. Civil rights icon Linda Brown died last week. She was the Brown in the separate but equal lawsuit Brown v. Board. Where was the school board from in that case?
  1. And he won’t go quietly. Who was fired by chief of staff John Kelly just a couple of hours after talking on the phone with Dear Leader?
  1. Former presidential timber Rick Santorum weighed in with a suggestion that the MSDHS students quit protesting and learn what to help victims of mass shootings?
  1. CBS news show “60 Minutes” set new show records for audience for their interview with who?
  1. Why was MLK in Memphis when he was assassinated?
  1. The much hyped return of what sitcom drew 18 million eyeballs Tuesday night for ABC?
  1. What Fox opinion spouter saw her advertisers dwindle rapidly after she made a mocking tweet about MSDHS shooting survivor David Hogg?
  1. In Iowa Finance Authority Director David Jamison was fired by the governor for what reason?
  1. What retail giant is looking to get into health insurance by purchasing Humana?
  1. Speaking of retail giants, what retail giant does Dear Leader claim is not paying taxes and using the USPO as a “delivery boy?”
  1. The funeral for Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man shot by police, took place Thursday amid protests in what city?
  1. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stirred a hornet’s nest when he approved a question on what for the 2020 census?
  1. Rep. Steve King picked a fight with MSDHS survivor Emma Gonzalez because she wore what patch on her shirt at the March For Our Lives?
  1. Challenger for the Republican gubernatorial nomination Ron Corbett saw his candidacy turned down by an election panel because he was how many signatures short?
  1. The White House press team has a new member, a young blonde Disney actress named what?
  1. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has proposed taking what plant off the controlled substance list?
  1. Governor Walker of what state decided to schedule elections to fill empty legislative seats rather than face contempt of court charges?
  1. Lawyers for Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort claimed that what former presidential lawyer discussed pardons with them?
  1. Speaking of lawyers what husband and wife lawyers turned down an offer to represent Dear Leader?
  1. What state’s legislature passed the newest strictest abortion law banning them after 11 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest?



  1. Topeka, Kansas
  1. Former VA head David Shulkin
  1. CPR – not sure how CPR helps a person bleeding to death
  1. Stormy Daniels
  1. Supporting a sanitation workers strike for decent wages
  1. Roseanne
  1. Laura Ingraham
  1. Sexual harassment – no other details
  1. Walmart
  1. Amazon
  1. Sacramento, Cal.
  1. Citizenship
  1. A flag of Cuba patch. Cuba has had the same flag for well over 100 years.
  1. 8
  1. Caroline Sunshine
  1. Hemp
  1. Wisconsin
  1. John Dowd
  1. Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova
  1. Kentucky

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