Sunday Funday: Karmic Edition


At the outset let me explain that this week’s quiz will be less devoted to current events than normal. Your humble quiz master’s universe has been disturbed by a force that occurs once a year and he must attend to it. If you must know it is a force that goes by NCAA. It will be visiting at the same crucial time as is the normal quiz compilation time. I must fight the invasion with diligence, potato chips and diet sodies.

There is something karmic about Iowa senate Republican Majority Leader Bill Dix resigning due to a sex related scandal. Considering how he handled the sexual harassment charges and then lawsuit against his caucus it almost seems as if some force set up his downfall. Wish such karmic events were more common.

It was also almost karmic that Prof. Stephen Hawking died on a day devoted to one of the most fundamental scientific concepts, that of pi, 3.14. Professor Hawking had a very subtle sense of humor. One could almost imagine that he would pick that day as a final whimsical joke on himself.

Finally Republicans gerrymandered Pennsylvania’s 18th district as a district that would be forever a Republican district. As we often find out, forever is a foreign concept to karma. As a party if you keep kicking the electorate at some point they will turn around and bite. What is surprising is that more of the electorate did not bite.

Here goes with some current events, Irish questions and questions on women’s history.

  1. Gina Haspel is the first female nominee to head the CIA. However her history of heading CIA torture site in what country may hinder her confirmation?
  1. Who was the first woman to challenge for the nomination of a modern major American political party?
  1. What Republican congress member publicly dissented from the House Intelligence Committees findings that the Russians did nothing in the 2016 election?
  1. VP Joe Biden was reported in the new book “Russian Roulette” by Corn and Isikoff to have called Trump’s involvement with Russia what?
  1. Dear Leader’s lawyers are trying to stop an airing of 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels. This would be an example of what form of censorship?
  1. Steel tariffs were put in last week just before a special election in what once major steel producing area?
  1. Dear Leader bragged at a fundraiser Wednesday night of lying to the face of what other world leader?
  1. Who was the first black woman elected to congress? (Hint: 1960s)
  1. The NRA responded to the national walkout for safety on Wednesday by tweeting what?
  1. SoS designate Mike Pompeo is a former congress member from what state?
  1. The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the US was held in what city in 1762?
  1. In an administration with lots of turnover, John McEntee’s exit was sudden and spectacular. What position did Mr. McEntee hold?
  1. What town in northern Iowa was founded as an “Irish colony” in the late 1800s?
  1. When was the Equal Rights Amendment first introduced in congress?
  1. Iowa Senate majority leader Bill Dix resigned his seat after being caught kissing a lobbyist in a bar. What group was the lobbyist representing?
  1. Katherine Graham was the publisher of what newspaper and what magazine beginning in the 1960s?
  1. What member of Dear Leader’s family is rumored to be in divorce proceedings?
  1. Dear Leader took a trip to California Tuesday to do what?
  1. What little Irish town does former President Obama trace his Irish roots back to?
  1. What woman who was denied permission to sing to the Daughters of the American Revolution was given a venue at the Lincoln Memorial?


  1. Thailand
  1. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine in 1964 in the Republican Party
  1. Trey Gowdy (yeah, not running again changes perspective)
  1. “If true, this is treason”
  1. Prior restraint
  1. Pennsylvania’s 18th district near Pittsburgh
  1. Justin Trudeau of Canada
  1. Shirley Chisholm
  1. A picture of an AR 15 with the caption “I’ll control my own guns, thank you”
  1. Kansas
  1. New York City
  1. Personal assistant to the president. McEntee was not even allowed to get his coat.
  1. Emmetsburg
  1. 1923
  1. Municipalities
  1. The Washington Post and Newsweek
  1. Donny, Jr.
  1. Look at proposed border wall types
  1. Moneygall in County Offaly
  1. Marian Anderson. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was instrumental in arranging the outdoor concert.

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