Lobbyists: Time To Shine A Light On Them

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Branstad signs Iowa’s union busting bill for an audience of one – lobbyist Drew Klein.

Many years ago I made a proposal that any and all meetings between lobbyists and members of government at any level be held in the open and if possible recorded. If governmental people must wear a recorder 24X7 so be it. We have found with police wearing cameras that what is reported is often at odds with what is recorded.

In light of the Bill Dix incident this week I will renew my call. In Washington DC we have something in the neighborhood of 20+ lobbyists per congress member. Most do not have the best interest of the average American in mind. That is sarcasm if you missed it.

The Dix incident and the Branstad signing pic with Drew Klein are just tiny examples of what goes on behind closed doors and we are only aware of these because they accidentally leaked out. 

This mixing of lobbyists and lawmakers is toxic. Open government demands that all meetings between them be in the open and available to the public.

I have little pretensions that I am a lonely voice on this, but it just feels like it is way beyond time that we open the government up to scrutiny in every dark corner that still exists out there.

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