Iowa Republicans Want To Make You A Criminal For Applying For Worker’s Comp.

Forwarding this action alert:

F 2305, the Worker’s Compensation Crimes bill,  is a typical modern-day Republican attempt to rob the middle class by scaring workers who have worker’s comp claims.  It would create a class D felony for worker’s comp claimants who assert claims “without sufficient medical evidence.” It passed the Senate and is currently in the House Commerce Committee.

Because it is in committee, anybody can contact the reps to oppose this bill–you don’t have to be in their district. Their contact info is below.

Here’s the bill:

Notes from constituents in attendance:

SF 2305 passed by Senate: workers’ comp insurance.

  • Establishes a fraud unit.
  • Scrutinizes all workers comp claims.
  • Special prosecutor: the more cases they take the more money the dept makes.

What big picture are they painting? Chances of getting a lawyer to work with you is getting slimmer, facing fraud charges if you take your employer to court. Mandates that you don’t have a choice: you get hurt on the job, employer chooses course of treatment unless you take company to task. Decided by third party.

And here’s the real takeaway:

This bill is anti worker, pro employer. It leaves workers powerless.

Here is a list of those committee members:

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