Action Alert: GOP Will Bring Up 6 Week Abortion Ban Thursday

Action alert from the Iowa Statehouse Progressive Network

GOP To Bring Up 6 Week Abortion Ban Thursday @ 2 pm

Yesterday, Republicans said their dangerous bill to ban abortion after 6 weeks was dead. Today, they found a new way to keep it alive.  Republican lawmakers in the House are using a procedural move in the Human Resources Committee to amend the 6 week abortion ban to a different bill (Senate File 359).

We need your help to stop it.

This dangerous bill will ban abortion before most women even know they are pregnant.  It’s the worst attack on the rights of women we’ve seen from Iowa Republicans so far and it’s blatantly unconstitutional. But Republican lawmakers don’t care, they want to take this state backward. They are using this bill to advance an extreme agenda and create a vehicle to legally challenge Roe v. Wade.

Here’s what you can do to help us stop the unconstitutional ban before Thursday at 2 pm:

1. Contact all the Republican lawmakers below on the Human Resources Committee and tell them to vote NO on the 6 week ban:

Rep. Joel Fry, (Chair)
Rep. Michael Bergan, (Vice-Chair)
Rep. Rob Bacon,
Rep. Brian Best,
Rep. Cecil Dolecheck,
Rep. Dave Heaton,
Rep. Steven Holt,
Rep. Jon Jacobsen,
Rep. Kevin Koester,
Rep. Shannon Lundgren,
Rep. Tom Moore,
Rep. Sandy Salmon,
Rep. Rob Taylor,

*** You can call these Representatives at 515-281-3221 tomorrow starting at 8 am 

2. Contact your own State Representative here and ask him/her to vote NO on the 6 week ban.  You can find your representative here.

3. Come to the State Capitol tomorrow at 2 pm and wear pink to show your support for Iowa women. The Human Resources Committee will meet in the Supreme Court Chamber, Room 103.

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