We Need One Health Care System In The US!


This twitter video highlights in 3 minutes much of what is wrong with the American health care system. Or rather the system against health care for Americans.

It is long past time for America to align into a national health care system instead of each insurance company having their own system, Medicare having a system, Medicaid having a system, each state having some of their own rules, the Veteran’s Administration having its own system, and of course people who are not in any system that are often left to just die.

Truman on health care

Seems that the line of sight (to paraphrase from the video) to a simpler, logical health care system that actually worked is is clouded and hidden by the green of money and the lure of power over others.

Thank you Mr. Ady Barkin for this courageous video!

Here is another video from this courageous American!

Remember Iowans! Health care is a core issue in this year’s elections. At the state level we have Republicans who continue to turn Medicaid into a profit center for their donors instead of the lifeline for the poor and disabled that it is supposed to be. How anyone could vote for a politician who has turned Medicaid into a profit center for their donors is beyond me.

Also, don’t forget that Republicans are doing all they can at a national level to dismantle the ACA. While the ACA is not where this country needs to be, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Voting for any Republican at a national level is a vote to go back to some really dark days in health care in this country.

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