Sunday Funday: Detective Grassley Edition

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Today our scene opens to a house ablaze, engulfed in fire. Near the structure stands a man with an empty gasoline can in one hand and a pack of wooden matches in the other. The man looks a bit of an odd duck. While he is obviously older, his hair is not gray. Instead it is an odd orange color that would stick out in any crowd.

Enter Chuck Grassley, Ace Detective. Grassley has arrived on the scene because there is suspicion that this fire was not an accident. Nope there is strong suspicion that it is arson. Grassley says good evening to the orange haired man and ascertains that the man has recently purchased the property. 

Detective Grassley tells the man to be careful. Having gasoline and matches that near a fire could be dangerous, Grassley explains to him. And then Grassley moves on.

The target of his investigation lives across the street. She is the person who called the fire in to the Department. “How,” Grassley ponders, “could she have known about the fire so quickly? Very suspicious!” Grassley heads for her door.

Make up your own scenario of how Chuck Grassley would handle another job if he wasn’t Chuck Grassley, Ace Senate Investigator.

Wow – I can’t keep up and I need a bigger scorecard to identify the players.

  1. Well it is black history month. When were the first African slave brought to America?
  1. What car company can now honestly advertise that their cars are “out of this world”?
  1. What senior administration official said Russia is still hacking our elections, but said nothing about doing anything?
  1. What was the highest closing for the Dow-Jones stock average? (It happened just a couple of weeks ago).
  1. Dear Leader tweeted that what system in the United Kingdom was broken which brought a sharp rebuke from British PM Theresa May?
  1. Who held the floor in the House for over 8 hours to get a vote on the DACA situation?
  1. Which measure of US economic health that Dear Leader campaigned on fixing declined by 12% in 2017?
  1. Who was Jim Crow?
  1. Rob Porter went from “Who is that?” last week to “who is the guy who did …” what this week?
  1. “Cadet Bone Spurs” is whose snarky name for Dear Leader?
  1. Reaction was extremely negative to what request from Dear Leader to have what this week?
  1. Claudette Colvin is a name that should be known by everyone. What did Claudette Colvin do that later made Rosa Parks a household name?
  1. In yet another indication of what may happen this fall, Missouri House district 97 saw what percentage swing to Democrats from the 2016 election?
  1. Paul Ryan proudly tweeted that a school secretary in Pennsylvania was getting how much of a weekly raise from the Republican tax cuts?
  1. What did Dear Leader add to the list of treasonous offenses during a speech in Cincinnati last week?
  1. Procter and Gamble announced job cuts at what two current sites when they open a new facility in West Virginia?
  1. The first self-made female millionaire was an African American who has a line of what kind of products?
  1. What country is offering African migrants $3500 and a plane ticket to leave their country?
  1. What once top selling weekly magazine gutted its top staff last week?
  1. What company scrapped its century old lifetime return policy due to customer abuse of the policy?

John Fugelsang: “A National Prayer Breakfast doesn’t make USA a ‘Christian Nation.’  That would require nonviolence, welcoming refugees and caring for sick & poor.”


  1. 1619 by the Dutch
  1. Tesla
  1. SoS Rex Tillerson. Guess he thought maybe we should know
  1. 26,616
  1. The National Health System.
  1. Nancy Pelosi
  1. The trade deficit which climbed dramatically in 2017
  1. In the early 1830s, the white actor Thomas Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice was propelled to stardom for performing minstrel routines as the fictional “Jim Crow,” a caricature of a clumsy, dimwitted black slave. … As the show’s popularity spread, “Jim Crow” became a widely used derogatory term for blacks.
  1. Had to leave his job as Dear Leader’s secretary when stories of wife beating surfaced
  1. Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois
  1. A military parade
  1. Refused too give up her seat on a Montgomery bus to a white woman. She was 15 at the time.
  1. 28%
  1. $1.50. When he started getting ripped he realized how bad that looked.
  1. Not standing and applauding during his SOTU speech.
  1. Kansas City, Kansas and Iowa City, Iowa
  1. Hair care products under the name of Madame CJ Walker
  1. Israel
  1. Newsweek
  1. LL Bean

And now a message from women everywhere:

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