Sunday Funday: Growing The Lie Edition

Found this short Robert Reich video online. It goes into how Dear Leader and his minions go about using the power of the bully pulpit and their amoral allies in the media to turn one of their flat out lies into something a number of Americans believe. They play this game over and over and Americans including much of the media falls for it.

Here is the story to go with the video, by the way.

One of the strangest things about the week gone by is that it started with the remembrance of a man who gave his life attempting to better our country and ended with headlines of Republicans once again playing games with our lives and our economy while trying to screw over at least one if not two sets of children – those receiving CHIP and the DACA kids. Holding children as hostages to enforce horrible policies – the Republican way today.

Here we go:

  1. Dear Leader’s “shithole” comment ramifications carried over to this week. Who was in the congregation when a pastor in DC condemned the comment from the pulpit Sunday?
  1. Stormy Daniels claimed she spanked Dear Leader with a Forbes magazine with who on the cover of the magazine?
  1. Eric Trump claimed Dear Leader is only concerned about what color?
  1. Breaking decades of tradition of presidential civic activity on Martin Luther King Day, Dear Leader did what on MLK Day?
  1. White House spokeser Sarah Sanders claimed her 2 year old child ordered a toy by screaming at what?
  1. What former governor was stopped at the airport trying to bypass the lines like he used to by airport security?
  1. Whose attorney was in real time communication with White House lawyers during his interrogation on the Russia matter by the House Intelligence Committee?
  1. What White House staffer had her appearance before the House Intelligence Committee suddenly cancelled prompting charges of White House interference?
  1. At least 140 women and girls have testified in the abuse trial of what former gymnastics doctor in Lansing, Michigan?
  1. Some Democratic House members plan to bring victims of what to the State of the Union address?
  1. Hotels in Panama voted to drop whose name due to “mismanagement and financial misconduct?”
  1. Iowa’s DHS secretary said Iowa could not go back to what system for medicaid?
  1. Dear Leader’s administration submitted a budget request of $0 for what government agency?
  1. In what appears to be another lie from this administration, Dear Leader was pronounced to be in what condition following a physical last week?
  1. What department head acted as if she had no idea what the predominant skin color of Norwegians was when questioned by a Senate subcommittee?
  1. What prominent Minnesota Republican has dropped out of a potential senate bid?
  1. In Wisconsin, Republicans are spending big to oust which first term Democratic senator in 2018?
  1. The grand-daughter of what Soviet premier compared Dear Leader’s attack on the press to that of Josef Stalin’s?
  1. White nationalist Richard Spencer is trying to get space to speak at Kent State on what significant date this spring?
  1. What world leader announced on Thursday that she is expecting her first child?

Andy Borowitz: “A microwave oven that was present at last Thursday’s contentious White House meeting on immigration has confirmed that Donald J. Trump did, in fact, use the word “shithole,” as has been reported.”


  1. Dear Leader chief praiser Mike Pence
  1. Donald and Ivanka Trump
  1. Green as in money
  1. Golfed
  1. The Amazon echo they own. Many folks say that is unlikely.
  1. Chris Christie
  1. Steve Bannon
  1. Hope Hicks
  1. Larry Nassar
  1. Sexual abuse. Dear leader has been accused of sexual abuse by over a dozen women.
  1. Trump’s
  1. Publicly run Medicaid system. I bet we could.
  1. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  1. Healthy
  1. Kristjen Nielsen head of Homeland Security
  1. Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty
  1. Tammy Baldwin
  1. Nikita Khrushchev’s grand-daughter
  1. May 4th – the anniversary of the Kent State shootings
  1. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – probably won’t ever happen here

Cory Booker rakes Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen on dear Leader’s “shithole” comment. (11 minutes)

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