Destroying Government Is A Hell Of A Thing To Run On


That Is What Republicans Offer.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans should now be as clear as the finest crystal. Democrats build societies and frameworks for citizens to work within those societies. Today’s Republicans destroy what has been built by previous generations over many lifetimes.

Democrats build societal structures for all citizens often creating these structures brick by brick over a period of time.

Today’s Republicans whine about having to pay for the frameworks including things like laws, courts, buildings such as schools and personnel to run these programs. Their objective is then to tear down what Democrats and previous iterations of patriotic Republicans have built painstakingly over decades. There are many strategies that they employ to tear such programs down.

These were some thoughts crossing my mind as I was listening to Fred Hubbell give a pitch to be our next governor. Mr. Hubbell was talking about some of the tasks that should lie ahead for Iowa’s next governor. That is if that person is a Democrat.

Iowa’s current governor is showing herself to be a mini-Trump fostering policies that are aimed at punishing the poor and cutting governmental function and services. She doesn’t seem to have a real handle on how to govern and covers it with outrageous and unverifiable claims about Democrats.

If Iowa’s next governor is a Republican you can bet the tasks will be to continue to make state programs for all Iowans worse, poorly funded, badly managed most likely by some get-rich-quick private business that cares only about their bottom line and little about those for whom the program was designed. And tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts especially for the wealthy with some tax credits and some giveaways for creating a couple of jobs.

In short if Iowa get another republican governor we will be in worse shape than Kansas in short order.

But if Iowa is smart enough to elect a Democrat here are just a few of the tasks ahead of him or her:

  • Fixing the Medicaid privatization disaster that Branstad created by fiat nearly 3 years ago and that Reynolds has blindly continued and defended.
  • Restoring higher levels of funding to Iowa’s once vaunted education system
  • Restoring Iowa’s mental health system that has been decimated by the mismanagement by the Branstad / Reynolds administration
  • Restoring Iowa’s once smooth running public employees representation and their ability to negotiate with public entities in good faith
  • Restructuring the whole tax credit system that now leaves some major businesses getting refunds instead of paying taxes
  • Assessing and rebuilding Iowa’s infrastructure including highways.
  • Making higher education once again affordable
  • Coming to grips with our water issues

The last eight years of Republican leadership in Iowa has watched our infrastructure erode and many programs designed for the poor and disadvantaged neglected if not outright attacked.

Candidate Hubbell summed up his campaign in the phrase “putting people first.” Returning Iowa to what it once was where people were the focus for government will be a tall task.

I am not endorsing Mr. Hubbell here, just using his appearance as a jumping off point to discuss Iowa’s current situation.


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