Grassley, Do Your Job!!!

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It has been almost a full two years since Antonin Scalia died. At that time the Republican Party led by Mitch McConnell and ably aided by Iowa’s own Chuck Grassley went about the business of stealing a Supreme Court seat by bastardizing the process prescribed by the constitution for filling the seat.

(2 minutes – From April, 2016)

When Grassley decided to head the charge to undercut the constitution, every where he went in Iowa he was met with cries of “Do your job, Grassley!” It got so bad that Grassley’s highly touted “99 county Tour” started taking the back roads of Iowa instead of the main highways. He and his staff did all they could to avoid actual Iowans who were clearly pissed off about his decision to obstruct constitutional function.

Given Grassley’s disregard for the constitution over the years when the constitution inconvenienced what his party wanted to do, it should have been little surprise that Grassley decided to use his power as chair if the Senate Intelligence Committee to protect the president and his party. Stated conversely, Grassley has chosen to use his power to obstruct justice in the case of the Russian interference in our election and the involvement of several members of the administration in that interference.

In the video below from Wednesday’s Stephanie Miller Show, intelligence expert Malcolm Nance discusses the Russian involvement including the roles that Senator Grassley and Senator Graham are playing in trying to stop the investigation. (13 minutes)

Grassley’s behavior over the past two decades has been that of choosing party over country at almost every turn. These two very high profile issues (SCOTUS replacement and Russian interference) have served to greatly highlight Grassley’s ultra-partisanship and now seeming joining in the cult of personality that Trump is pursuing is extremely disturbing.

Grassley’s most recent party-over-country move, the suppression of the testimony of Fusion GPS chair Glenn Simpson, has fortunately for the country been foiled by Senator Diane Feinstein of California. Feinstein’s act of defiance has been called an act of bravery by many. But in actuality, she was just doing her job the way it should have been done, because Grassley refused to do his.

From Brian Buetler on

“The transcript of that testimony, which Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) published online Tuesday, doesn’t radically alter what honest people already knew about the state of the Russia scandal, but it is awful for Republicans, because it paints a tidy contrast between those working in good-faith, though at times sloppily, to uncover the truth; and those, from Trump on down {ed. Note – I take this to mean Grassley among others}, who have been engaged in a coverup.”

By my count, over the course of about five hours, Chuck Grassley’s lawyers asked Simpson literally zero questions designed to increase their own understanding of Russian efforts to disrupt the election. They likewise asked no questions aimed at establishing Simpsons’ level of confidence in the information in the dossier, or in documentary evidence he compiled of Trump’s involvement in money laundering and his ties to organized crime.

They spent their hours instead trying without much success to impeach Simpson’s credibility and paint him as a partisan. They were particularly interested in skewing the composition of Simpsons’ client base to make it seem tilted to Democrats (it isn’t), and in getting Simpson to testify that he had a financial interest in triggering an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign (he didn’t). Confronted with the allegation that the Trump campaign was complicit in a criminal plot to sabotage the Clinton campaign, Grassley’s representatives wanted to know why Simpson had the nerve to try to alert the public, through the media.

Grassley doesn’t work for Trump and neither do his aides, but their conduct blends seamlessly into the obstructive behavior Trump and his advisers exhibited during the campaign and after, and thus represents a total abdication of their Constitutional roles. Rather than alert the FBI, as requested,  about Russian meddling, the Trump campaign cooperated with Russian hackers, and used their stolen materials to maximum benefit. When the FBI acknowledged the existence of its investigation of the Trump campaign, Trump called it a witch hunt and tried to quash it, along with parallel investigations limping along on Capitol Hill. Grassley’s efforts began where Trump’s left off. The special counsel’s investigation of the Trump campaign continues, so Grassley has devoted himself to proving that it is the fruit of poisonous partisanship. First, they hoped Simpson would melt and confess to being a high-rent version of Roger Stone. When they failed to discredit Simpson, Steele, and the dossier, or to establish that the dossier triggered the FBI’s investigation, Grassley tried to bury the testimony, and then to discredit the dossier by proxy with a baseless accusation that Steele is a criminal.”

There is much more at the link.

We don’t have recall in Iowa. If we did I would be beating down doors to recall Grassley for his part in the cover up. If their is real justice, at some point someone from Robert Mueller’s office will be pounding on Grassley’s door with a subpoena.

Until that happens, all we can do (constitutionally) is to work our butts off to throw Republicans out of office en masse. Turning both the House and the Senate Democratic will go a long ways toward stopping the Grassleys – and the McConnells and the Ryans in our government from undermining our constitutional system.

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Recent actions by Grassley makes a person wonder when he was aware of Russian interference

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