Sunday Funday: All Praise Dear Leader Edition


A mashup of Alfred E. Neuman and Dear Leader. Image from Pinterest

Except those who don’t.

Well it has been quite a week for team Dear Leader. Seems they have gone out of their way to make an unknown journalist into the hottest writer in the country almost overnight. “Fire And Fury” may be the fastest seller in publishing history due in no small part (pun intended) to Dear Leader.  Michael Wolff has gone from “WHO?” to a full blown smear job from the right wing including their ultimate in insults: he is gay.

Can you imagine that they actually expect such a smear job to actually work in this day and age? Calling him gay is one level above calling him a black woman. No doubt this group of MENSA flunkies must have considered that. They may still use it.

I can’t keep up, but I try:

1) Hey, the truth about Dear Leader’s hair bonnet was released by what totally disloyal member of his circle?

2) The east coast was hit by what the weather bureau described by what unusual term for their midweek storm?

3) Iowa governor Kim Reynolds admitted she did not follow the ‘letter of the law’ in dealing with what issue?

4) On New Year’s Day, Britain got a new knight. What musician was knighted by the Queen on New Year’s Day?

5) Which state’s celebration of the legalization of marijuana was dampened by AG Keebler Elf announcement that the Justice Department would once again prosecute marijuana laws?

6) Orrin Hatch announced he would retire as senator from Utah which once again revived whose political career?

7) New jobs for the year hit the lowest point in how many years based on reports issued on jobs Friday?

8) The FBI announced it would be looking into what critical issue once more last week?

9) It looks like die hard racist Steve King will get what question added to the 2020 census?

10) In a truly bizarre event Thursday, who addressed daily briefing reporters on TV screens from a location just a few feet away?

11) Roy Moore has been sued for defamation of character by whom?

12) Dear Leader took credit for 0 commercial airline deaths in 2017. When was the last fatality for commercial airliners in the US?

13) Dear Leader ended the voter fraud panel, but not the target. What agency will now be investigating voter fraud for the administration?

14) Who suffered a sudden and inexplicable loss of his mind after he left White House employment, according to Dear Leader?

15) Communications sped up dramatically 180 years ago this coming Thursday when what invention was demonstrated in Morristown, NJ?

16) What two bordering countries took the first tepid steps to re-establishing broken communications when it was announced their hotline would be put back in service?

17) Rebekah Mercer usually tries to stay out of the news. However she did what this week – tied to the book furor – that landed her in the news?

18) One Virginia House race that ended in a questionable tie was settled by a draw of lots Thursday. Who won the draw?

19) Quietly, congress (Republicans) let a tax on oil companies expire last Sunday. The money from this tax was used to do what?

20) Chuck Grassley wrote the Justice Department Friday recommending that Justice pursue charges against who?

Heard on the John Fugelsang show Thursday: “{Dear Leader’s} only trusted political friend these days is Mayor McCheese.”


1) his daughter  Ivanka

2) “bomb cyclone”

3) balancing the state budget – oopsie!

4) Sir Ringo Starr

5) California

6) Willard Romney (aka “Mitt”)

7) 6 years – lowest since 2011

8) The Clinton Foundation

9) a question on citizenship

10) Dear Leader

11) Leigh Corfman – his first accuser

12) February 2009, when Colgan Air Flight 3407 killed 50 people near Buffalo.

13) Homeland Security.

14) Steve Bannon – such a fine mind it was

15) the telegraph

16) North Korea and South Korea

17) ended her financial ties to Steve Bannon

18) the Republican

19) it went to the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

20) Christopher Steele the British spy who wrote the Steele Dossier. This is an attempt to short circuit the senate investigation of Russian interference by Grassley.

Andy Borowitz: “I know everybody’s excited about the Wolff book, but the news that Trump is unfit for office doesn’t exactly qualify as a scoop.”

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