Dear Leader, A Couple Of Videos I Would Like You To Watch


(Video 4 minutes)

Today we have a couple of videos for you to watch. The first one is a short straight to the point video done by a man named Carl Sagan. At the time this video was made, Sagan was perhaps the most noted astro-physicist in the world. An astro-physicist is a person who explores the universe.

One of the basic abilities of the astro-physicist is their ability to quantify things like vast distances and energy. Another is to understand the consequences of actions on other parts of the universe. In the above video, Dr. Sagan discusses what will happen to humans should nuclear bombs ever be exploded in an area.

Since you seem to think nuclear bombs are similar to a sword to be waved around in a threatening manner, we think that you need to learn what could happen if even one nuclear bomb is exploded. The consequences to humans and all other living creatures would be at best horrible.

While you, Dear Leader, were spending your time bullying people, screwing your friends wives and amassing money, Dr. Sagan was a learned man who was warning the world of the consequences of nuclear war.

(Video one hour)

In the above video, Dr. Sagan expands on the consequences of nuclear war. When Dr. Sagan spoke the world actually was facing the possibility of nuclear war between two major powers – the Soviet Union and the United States. That makes its much like today. However, neither side treated their weapons as if they were toys to be brandished about on a schoolyard playground.

Listen to this wise man, Dear Leader. Although Dr. Sagan has died his words of warning and advise belong to all ages.

Finally we have some words from a man who was a very good observer of human beings, especially those who lead. Listen well to this man. His observations may help you understand what drives your impulses to dangerously threaten the destruction of the world:

(Video 7.5 minutes)

Thank you for your time, Dear Leader. I want my family to live not in constant fear of nuclear war as my generation did, but in peace and cooperation that will create a better planet.

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