Sunday Funday: Ring Out The Old Year Fast Edition

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What a year! The faster it becomes history the better. Our country has made mistakes in the past, but electing Dear Leader has to be one of the worst.

Not to blow my own horn, but to offer it as a reminder. The old quizmaster completed 50 years of blood donation this month. If they had to keep sticking me for all that time, then they must really need blood.

If you can, donating blood is one good way to offer back to the community. There is always a need AND it is non-partisan.

We can’t even get a rest for the holidays can we?

1) “Back to work” said what leader and then he promptly went golfing and golfing and golfing?

2) Who stepped down as CEO of the pizza company that bears his name due to controversy over the NFL kneeling protests?

3) Bruce McCandless died last Saturday at age 80. McCandless was the first to achieve what incredible feat? (Hint: he was an astronaut)

4) Forty-nine years ago, what space mission circled the moon on Christmas Eve?

5) Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin received a gift wrapped package of what at his Bel-Air, California home on Christmas Eve?

6) What Central American nation joined the US and announced they would move their Israeli embassy to Jerusalem?

7) Ambassador Nikki Haley said she would take names of those countries that did not vote with the US on the Jerusalem embassy question at the UN. How many names will she be taking?

8) Hundreds of thousands of what were killed in Sioux City in what appears to be a senseless act of vandalism?

9) Despite attempts to stop the process by his opponent, who was certified as the winner in the Alabama senatorial election Thursday?

10) Among 2017 deaths was Norma McCorvey. McCorvey’s place in history is not in her name but as what pseudonym used in one of the most famous SCOTUS cases ever?

11) Who won the name drawing to end the tie in a statehouse race race in Virginia scheduled for last Wednesday?

12) The most admired man in America was not the president. Who was most admired this year?

13) Bitcoin and other currencies like it are known by what word in the trading world?

14) “Dotard” is a word uttered by what world leader in reference to what other world leader last year?

15) In Troy, New York four members of a family were slaughtered over Christmas. What about the family may have been a reason why this happened?



1) our Dear Leader

2) “Papa” John Schnatter

3) walked in space untethered to the vehicle (still awe inspiring)

4) Apollo 8

5) horse manure

6) Guatamala

7) 128 voted for the resolution and 35 abstained – so 163

8) honey bees. Senseless

9) Doug Jones

10) Jane Roe in the Roe v. Wade abortion case

11) No one – the Democrat filed suit so it is now in court and the drawing was not held

12) Barack Obama – again

13) cryptocurrency

14) North Korea’s Kim Jung-Un called our Dear Leader that in response to an insult

15) It was a family headed by lesbians – hate crime

Let us do all we can to make next year much better.

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