The Steve King / Kim Reynolds Incident

he said what steve kingSorry I am late to the game  on this. The season has been incredibly busy:

Like many of you and thousands and thousands of our fellow Iowans we were absolutely astounded not only by the Steve King tweet stating that “diversity is not our strength” but also Governor Kim Reynolds’ decision to keep King on her campaign committee.

Talk about tone deaf to the voters. Keeping King on her re-election committee tells us a lot about what Kim Reynolds thinks of the majority of Iowans. The implication is that she feels that she can still get elected keeping a racist like King on her team. She apparently thinks that will play well among Iowa voters.

Let us hope Iowa voters prove her totally wrong. Iowans have a reputation as people who judge others based on their abilities, not their skin color or country of origin. Voting for Reynolds would do a great deal of damage to Iowa’s image. The part of the state that claims King as their representative has already acquired a sullied reputation.

What was also disconcerting was the lack of loud condemnation from the Republican leadership in this state. Maybe I missed it and I apologize if I did, but I have not heard any loud condemnation from other highly placed Republicans for Reynolds keeping King on her re-election committee.

One can only speculate that the fear of reaction from their base is much more important than doing the right thing. It is indeed sad if that is the case.


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  1. Dianne Mcteer says:

    No you didnt miss anything. There was not any condemnation of Steve King, or his repulsive comments!


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