New Year’s Resolution? Check Your Voter Registration!

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A year from now you would never forgive yourself if you were somehow prevented from voting out those who are making a mockery of government by the people.

So resolve to yourself that you will check with your county auditor to make sure that you are registered properly. Also make sure that you have whatever ID is required. Also be sure you understand how you will need to sign whatever form needs to be signed at the polls. Will it need to exactly match the signature on, say, your driver’s license?

You may laugh but I was nearly denied the vote in our city elections this fall. Since it was not mandatory to show an ID this election I chose not to. Three of the four election workers were neighbors and have been for a long time. The other worker knew me, but we seldom interacted. She was the one who had me sign the form.

When I asked how I should sign it she responded “as you would normally sign anything.” So I signed with my casual name (Dave). She looked at my signature and said I was not the person listed on the voting roll. That was listed in my full name. She was not going to let me vote. We had an intercession and I was allowed to vote THIS YEAR, but was told that would not happen next year.

Let that serve as a warning. Remember that Republicans win when the vote is suppressed. That is why they have made voter suppression on of their top priorities in every state in the nation.

Heck why not make it part of your resolution to make sure that all members of your family check their registration also. It always helps to do the buddy system! 


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