Iowa’s Big 3 Republicans Flounder As Leaders

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Just Another Party Hack

Grassley Obstructing Justice Once More.

Remember back to February of 2016 when Justice Scalia died? Remember that Chuck Grassley’s response to Scalia’s death was an almost immediate announcement that he was going to obstruct the constitutional proscribed process of filling the empty seat by refusing to give any nominee of President Obama’s a hearing?

We now have some different circumstances, but once again since things are not going the way he likes it, Chuck Grassley is once more stepping in to stop the wheels of government.

You may have heard that as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee he and ranking member Sen. Diane Feinstein have decided that they will pursue different goals.

Grassley’s goal appears to be to “lock her up!” as in lock up Hillary Clinton. As a citizen you may wonder what that has to do with investigating Russian interference in our elections. Grassley is in the process, like so many other Republicans, of twisting facts into some alternate facts that will have Clinton in the middle of some nefarious plot. Feinstein on the other hand is seeking the truth.

In short, Grassley is using his power as a committee chair to derail the real investigation. Once more Grassley comes to rescue of his party in detriment to his state, his country and his constitution. 

Add this to the list of items that Grassley has stacked up since last year’s incredible defiance of the constitution. This year he has also voted twice to end the Affordable Care Act. Just this week Grassley has voted to drastically cut Medicare and Medicaid and also to end class action suits against financial institutions.

Republicans have destabilized the ACA to the point where most insurers want to run from it. Thank you, Chuck.

The latter – the ending of class action lawsuits against financial companies – effectively ends any real action consumers can take against financial companies and gives them a fairly free hand in screwing over their customers. Coming on the heals of the Equifax breach of security you can understand how much these companies wanted this bill. They will no doubt show their appreciation in the form of bribes – I mean campaign contributions.

Reynolds Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue.


It seems like the only thing that Kim Reynolds learned from Branstad was that whatever you screw up, blame it on the Democrats. So there she was Monday morning announcing yet another failure in her administration – the inability to get a stopgap measure for the operation of the ACA in Iowa – and then turning the blame on Barack Obama. One of the more pitiful sights ever.

For one thing Reynolds should have understood long ago that the current administration is hell bent on destroying the ACA. I am not sure what could have been done in the face of that, but acting as if the administration would give them a special dispensation was a real long shot. Then to turn around and blame it on Obama was such a pathetic play.

Add this one to her record in her short term as governor. So far:

– she has accepted private air flights from donors – legal, yes but is it ethical.

– She had the opportunity to fix the Medicaid mess on assuming power but instead made it much worse.

– She has a burgeoning financial crisis in the state. She neatly avoided a special legislative session when revenues mysteriously came in way above expected in September.

In short Reynolds seems to be way in over her head and floundering daily. Meanwhile Iowans are dying as their care is cut back and thousands of Iowans will be losing their health coverage within a couple of months. Nice job, governor.

Joni Ernst – Doing What She Is Told?


At least that is the impression one gets. In emails and phone messages we get little but Republican talking points as she votes the straight Republican line with seemingly little thought behind them. Cutting access to health care for thousands of Iowans and millions of Americans? Sure – and then I just say it was a promise. Got to keep those promises no matter who it kills.

The most recent lack of a performance, that is her failure (at least as far as I have heard) to say anything about Trump’s horrendous treatment of the family of fallen soldier La David Johnson. Being a soldier herself, one would have expected Senator Ernst to be irate at these continuing insults. Yet, nothing.

Add that to her votes – like Grassley – to crush Medicare and Medicaid and to give financial companies a pass when they screw over consumers – and you get a picture of a person essentially filling a seat and taking instructions from above.

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