Sunday Funday: Really Scary Edition!

You don’t have to imagine that life on earth is at a critical juncture. We are at a time when decisions that we make will have a huge effect on the ability of life to continue to exist as we have known it. One of the most critical decisions we have is how to address and mitigate climate change. That is why seeing twits like this in positions of power scares me down to my socks. Ladies and gentlemen, our new Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft:

You may enjoy a couple of articles from Canadian magazine MacLeans. One concerning her climate change comments and one on her background. Married to a billionaire coal baron. Sounds like a Trump wet dream for an ambassador. They aren’t laughing with us, they are laughing at us.

Kelly Craft may be the high spot of the week. Let’s go.

1) Speaking of climate change what happened 5 years ago on Oct. 29, 2012?

2) The parade of notable sexual harassers continued this week with what MSNBC news commentator?

3) In a surprise move, Iowa state senate Democrats chose who as a new leader, replacing Robb Hogg?

4) Not climate related,  but what other major event happened on October 29 this one in 1929?

5) This year’s World Series is scorching! The record for hottest temperature for the world series was smashed when the mercury hit what temperature during the game Tuesday?

6) What? A two man electric company from Montana was given a $300 million contract to restore electricity where?

7) The above mentioned company is located in the home town of what current cabinet member?

8) On Thursday in California,  a car plowed into a crowd protesting what?

9) The current president continued his public spat with what widow of a fallen special forces soldier?

10) Once again Mike “tie-breaker” Pence stepped in with a vote that stopped class action lawsuits against what industry?

11) States will soon begin running out of money if congress continues to fail to fund CHIP, a healthcare program aimed at what segment of society?

12) What nationally broadcast news anchor filed an aggravated assault complaint after he was threatened over twitter Wednesday?

13) A man in Des Plaines, Illinois is under investigation for threatening what member of congress with lynching?

14) Despite big promises the current president did little to move federal action against what group of drugs when he declared a “public health emergency?”

15) The Gates Foundation optimistically claimed that what illness, that was once the scourge of children, might be wiped off the earth by the end of this year?

16) All Hallowed’s Eve, 1517. What major event in history took place?

17) In an unusual turn what former GOP politician admitted he had groped women by patting their rears?

18) A drama in Texas involving a pregnant undocumented girl from Central America ended Wednesday when what happened?

19) What rock and roll legend passed away in New Orleans at age 89 Tuesday?

20) The Border Patrol stopped the ambulance, then waited outside the hospital room while a 10 year old girl from Mexico with what condition had emergency surgery?

Best decorated house for Halloween:


1) Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast of the US.

2) Mark Halperin

3) Janet Peterson of Des Moines

4) That was the ‘Black Tuesday’ stock market crash

5) 104 degrees

6) Puerto Rico

7) Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke

8) the DACA rule changes

9) Myeshia Johnson. Incredibly poor treatment of the family of a fallen soldier.

10) financial industry

11) children.

12) Don Lemon

13) Frederica Wilson of Florida

14) opioids

15) polio – good luck

16) Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenburg church setting off the Protestant revolution

17) former Pres. George HW Bush

18) she was given an abortion while the current administration sought to get an injunction to stop the procedure.

19) Antoine “Fats” Domino

20) Cerebral Palsy. Never know what people will do to sneak in (that’s sarcasm)

John Fugelsang: “Don’t argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience.”

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