The Reynolds Budget Crisis Isn’t Going Away


picture credit: Iowa Starting Line

From the Iowa Democratic Party

Five years ago, our state had a budget surplus of nearly $1 billion dollars, but due to massive special interest tax giveaways by the Reynolds Administration, our state sits with a $350 million dollar deficit.

The failed fiscal policies of Governor Kim Reynolds and her administration caused the most drastic and last minute cuts to programs our state has ever seen.

Add your name today and demand a transparent, nonpartisan audit of the Iowa budget so we can see what Kim Reynolds is really up to.

Fewer and fewer of our hard earned tax dollars are going towards supporting our kids’ schools, our broken infrastructure, or even to those who keep us safe.

And now Reynolds is dodging accountability for her mismanagement.

Just look at the facts: The budget shortage went from $104 million to $13 million in just three months.

Did Reynolds “cook the books” to avoid a scandal?

Is she not paying our debts?

Where did the over $90 million dollars come from?

Iowans deserve the truth.

Step up and join us in demanding a transparent, nonpartisan audit of Kim Reynolds’ state budget.

Thank you,

The Iowa Democratic Party

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