Republican Credits Dave Loebsack For Persistence on Rural Wireless

We all know what our Republican representatives – Blum, Young, King, Ernst, Grassley – are doing in congress.  They are either doing nothing or making things worse.  Here’s what Iowa’s only Democratic congressman is doing. Working across the aisle to get things done for us.  Check out this one-minute video or see text below.

“This amendment includes legislation I introduced – The Rural Wireless Access Act to make sure we’re getting wireless coverage throughout rural America. I’m constantly driving through the 24 counties of my district in Iowa and I can tell you there are a lot of areas where you cannot get a signal.

“Right now the maps the FCC is using to figure out where to invest resources tells a different story, but somehow low and behold all of Iowa is getting high speed 4G LTE wireless coverage. You can ask me or you can ask any of my constituents who will tell you that is simply not the case.

“My bill would fix this issue and make sure the FCC is using accurate data so that our coverage maps are accurate and investments are going to the areas that need them most.

“And I want to thank in particular congressman Costello for working on a bipartisan basis on this and Madame chair I appreciate your incorporating this into the larger bill.

Dave to Republican Chairman Marsha Blackburn: “I’m looking forward to reporting this out of committee and hopefully will get it out of the full committee and onto the floor and get it passed. Thanks so much.”

Chairman Blackburn: “Absolutely, and you deserve that credit for being so persistent on this issue.”

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