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very short scene of the march in Charlottesville yesterday (8/12/2017)

Watching the events unfold yesterday there were two thoughts that kept cropping up in my mind.

The first was of my late Father-In-Law. Like so many of his day as a young man of 18 he joined the Army to fight against the Nazis. He was among the many thousands who landed on Omaha beach on June 6th of 1944. He eventually fought his way into Germany at the end of the war.

He seldom spoke of his time in the war. What I wrote above was about all he would ever say. He did his part he would say.

There was one other thing he mentioned once or twice. He hated those “Nazi sons of bitches.” So I kept wondering yesterday what he would be thinking to hear a president of the US not condemn those carrying Nazi flags and inciting riots inside this country. I just can’t imagine how that would have cut him to the core.

The other thought is why does this country still allow for the celebration of the Confederate cause? The Civil War has been over for 152 years. The Confederacy lost and their cause – the enslavement of other humans – should have been put to rest.

The cause of the Confederacy was not noble and the men who led the rebellion were not noble. Robert E. Lee was a traitor. Robert E. Lee fought to enslave other humans. That was not a noble cause.

Every statue of Confederate soldiers should be removed from public places in the United States immediately. Every school, park, building, street or urinal that is named for Confederate leaders should be renamed tomorrow. It is well past time for this country to get on with the ideals set down by the founders that “All men (including women) are created equal.”

Many activist groups will be holding rallies in response to stand in solidarity with Charlottesville and oppose the hate and bigotry. You can find a rally near you by going here:    and entering your city or zip-code.

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