Time For Dems To Push “Medicare For All”

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The defeat of the Republicans latest attempt to take health care away from millions Friday morning set the stage for Democrats to come forward with with a bold plan that will cover all Americans at a much lower rate than we currently pay. That plan is simply extending Medicare to all Americans.

The contrast between what Republicans wanted to do to screw average Americans that was played out in broad daylight and the potential of what “Medicare For All” must be promoted to the hilt while the memory of the Republican atrocity is still bright in our memories.

Congress will be going on their annual August hiatus soon. No better time for Democrats to coalesce around a strategy of “Medicare For All.” No better time to take that message to town halls in their states and districts and in the states and districts of Republicans who just tried to put the screws to all Americans.

Do not forget, every Republican proposal would have ended up costing every American much more in premiums, deductibles and co-pays if they were lucky enough to still be able to get insurance. For the tens of millions who couldn’t get insurance well it was just game over. Delivering huge tax breaks to their wealthy donors was much more important than having citizens have access to health care.

Democrats, don’t miss this opportunity. As the old saying goes, strike while the iron is hot and the picture of Americans dying because of lack of access to healthcare is seared in the collective psyche.

Medicare For All!

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