Cut Congressional Health Insurance If Our Health Care is Cut!

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Email from Congress member Dave Loebsack concerning the pending legislation to dramatically slash access to healthcare in this country:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

“If members of Congress vote to take healthcare coverage from millions of Americans, then they too should lose their health insurance.” – Dave Loebsack

Dear Friend,

Public officials come to Washington to serve as a voice for their constituents. They have to have some skin in the game and not pass laws that strip away healthcare coverage for hardworking Iowa families, but leave members untouched. If Congress passes legislation that causes folks across the country to lose their healthcare insurance, they too should feel the same pain and lose their coverage.

To continue to ensure Congress works on behalf of you, the people of Iowa, I proudly introduced the Holding Congress Accountable on Healthcare Act. Simply put, the Holding Congress Accountable on Healthcare Act would mandate that if legislation that makes changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is signed into law and the uninsured rate goes up, then Members of Congress lose their federal healthcare coverage. When Members of Congress vote on legislation that could lead to an increase in the nation’s uninsured rate, they must be able to live by the same rules they are forcing on the American people.

As someone who believes that Congress should work for the people, not millionaires and corporations, I have set out to change the culture of Washington. I’ve worked to pass and get signed into law the largest ethics reform since Watergate. I’ve also pushed to cut member’s pay, which hasn’t been cut in over 80 years, end the revolving door between lobbyists and Congress, get budgets passed on time, and fight to hold members of Congress accountable for actually doing what they were sent to Washington to do.

The bottom line is: members of Congress must have a personal stake in the future of our nation’s healthcare policy, and I will continue my fight to change Washington and work on behalf of you, not the special interests that currently set the agenda.


Dave Loebsack
Iowa’s Second District


Well said, Mr. Loebsack!

In a previous entry on his congressional website, Congressmember Loebsack also includes any access to other federal insurance programs that other members of congress may have.

Specifically, the Holding Congress Accountable on Healthcare Act, states that if legislation is signed into law that makes changes to the ACA and the uninsured rate rises above what it was on January 20th, 2017, then Members of Congress would lose eligibility to receive any coverage through the ACA Exchange, Federal Employee Health Benefit Program, or any other Federal health care program. When the ACA was passed into law, language was included in the bill that mandated that Members of Congress and their staff buy health insurance on the newly created health insurance exchanges Currently, Members of Congress and their staff, are not exempt from the ACA and receive their health insurance through the Washington D.C. Healthlink.

In short – what would an 83 year old Chuck Grassley have to pay for health insurance on the open market? If Republicans take away access to healthcare for tens of millions of Americans, then perhaps it is time Mr. Grassley finds out.

Bet it would take a good chunk out of that $172,000/year salary.

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  1. P JOHNSON says:

    Great! He should keep the focus on this. People neglect the fact that while their coverage will be rising and benefits will decrease, those guys won’t face the same issues. It’s about time someone brought this issue up! This should be the law of the land – even in dumb back alley districts whereby they think repealing the ACA is going to save their coverage. Get real. If anything, it means more people will lose coverage. Insurance companies are in business to make money – not lose money, so it stands to reason that even more insurance companies will pull out of certain areas and limit even more coverage for even basic procedures.


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