Sunday Funday: Beautiful, Wonderful Edition

I feel like a certain current president and have decided to only work one day this week and the jet off to one of my palatial estates. So the quiz may be skewed a bit to the early part of the week. Hopefully you can remember that long ago.

Hey, kids, here’s a little video that reminds me of a certain president and his congress and base as played by Jane Powell:

Jane Powell & Fred Astaire perform “How Could You Believe Me” in the 1951 musical “Royal Wedding”

Another “WTF” week.

1) The current administration is losing personal like a bad Walmart. What cabinet member is said to be considering leaving already?

2) Early in the week Rudy Giulliani was said to be in line for this man’s cabinet post until he said what man made the right decision to recuse himself?

3) Troy Price was picked to lead what Iowa group last week?

4) Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi et alia announced what new Democratic slogan this week?

5) July 26, 1944 what major change in Army policy began in training facilities and was finally made official policy on July 26, 1948 by Pres. Truman?

6) The current head of the Boy Scouts of America is also the CEO of what huge firm needing government approval for a coming merger?

7) The current president claimed he deserved a position among presidents only below what other president at the Boy Scout Jamboree?

8) What senator returned to Washington from cancer treatment for stage 4 kidney cancer to vote against Republican wealth care?

9) Parents for what infant born with a terminal in Great Britain have withdrawn their appeal for treatment?

10) The current president’s plan to fire his attorney general and replace him during what congressional break seems to have been stopped by Democrats?

11) Iowa’s Grassley let the current president know that there was no room in the Judiciary Committee’s calendar to deal with what process?

12) July 30, 1975 one of the great mysteries of the modern era began when what former Teamsters’ Union leader was last seen outside a restaurant near Detroit?

13) Hooray for Iowa Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald who said Iowa taxpayers should not have to pay a $2.2 million settlement in what case decided last week?

14) After tweets from the current president condemning her, Senator Lisa Murkowski unscheduled hearings on what?

15) Speaking of condemning senators, the current president and his staff are trying to find primary opponents for what two western senators up for re-election in 2018?

16) In a strange series of tweets Wednesday morning the current president appeared to change military policy toward what group of soldiers?

17) With a delay between the first incomplete sentence of the above tweet and the next tweet Wednesday, the military thought the current president was about to take what action?

18) Voice actress June Foray died Wednesday. She was best known for voicing what cartoon characters of the 1960s?

19) Just what we need. The world now has a new “richest man.” Who now holds the title with an estimated worth over $90 BILLION?

20) Was he joking? The current president claimed at a campaign rally that someday he would be added to what national monument?

Hard to believe, but after destroying Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback is picked to be “Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, Department of State.” May he do for religion what he has done for Kansas.


1) Secretary of State Tillerson

2) AG Jeff Sessions

3) The Iowa Democratic Party

4) “A Better Deal” (wish they could do better than that)

5) Integration

6) AT&T

7) Abraham Lincoln

8) Mazie Hirono of Hawaii. Sounds like more of a hero than McCain!

9) Charlie Gard

10) recess. He was looking to make a recess appointment.

11) confirming a new attorney general

12) Jimmy Hoffa

13) the sexual harassment award against the Republican Senate Caucus. They did the crime, they should pay the fine!

14) confirmation hearings for Interior department nominees. Keep fighting

15) Flake of Arizona and Heller of Nevada

16) transgendered soldiers

17) declare war on North Korea

18) Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale of the same show\

19) Jeff Bezos of Amazon

20) Mt. Rushmore. That is if his administration doesn’t open it to oil drilling or mining.

Andy Borowitz, take it away:

Jeff Sessions Urges Melania to Work Harder on Campaign to Stop Cyberbullying

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